Living Room Ideas – Top 5 Living Room Designs

Wall murals, photo wallpaper and wall art are excellent for any of your interior design ideas. The sky’s the limit as you choose a wall of your choice to become the focal point of your living room. Colours will come alive in your room. Red makes you feel lively and confident, green at peace with your inner strength, blue is deep and supernatural, yellow could be warm and exciting and white can represent serenity in your life.

Here are the top 5 living room designs we think you should consider:

City Wall Mural

The tall buildings, neon lights, beautiful bridges, historical sites, and inspirational views create a trendy and modern wallpaper that makes you part of the scene. If you’re a country girl but still want a little bit of the city in your home, why not try a cityscape wall mural.

Nature Wall Murals

Imagine green adventurous fields glowing as the sun shines on it.  Birds chirping in harmonious sounds as you gaze over blossomed floral or tree designs of spring, summer or even autumn right on your kitchen wallpaper or living room. What an exciting way to wake up in the morning!

Forest Wall Murals

Any interior design idea that contributes to a relaxed and surreal feeling is worth having. You benefit from beautiful forest seasons, colourful scenery, forest animals, trees, and blue skies right in your home when you use forest wallpapers.

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Woodland Wall Murals

Go into the woods and explore the unknown. Admire the tall trees and rustic grounds as you hike deeper into nature. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee as you gaze into the scene and appreciate the beauty. Studies have shown that exposure to images about nature improves job performances and induce better health and greater life satisfaction. Why not decorate your home ideas with trees, clouds, animals, seasons, birds and enjoy all the benefits from having a healthy, stylish, modern home.

Sea Life Wall Murals

Try our breathtaking look at sea turtles, friendly dolphins, colourful jellyfish and sea horses as they keep you company. Relax in a comfortable chair and enjoy the ocean blue seaside wall art. Sea life wallpaper has that ever-lasting trendy look that is timeless and brings out numerous colours on your wall that are uniformly harmonized.

Which living room design is your favourite? Tell us why?

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