Liven Up Your Backyard: 8 Design Tips on How to Create an Inviting Outdoor Space

When you are planning to beautify your home, make sure not to miss your outdoor spaces. Talking about outdoor areas these days is talking about a relaxing backyard entertainment where you can spend family bonding, important occasions, and special gatherings. Why not? There is just nothing like relaxing close to nature.

Thus, most people nowadays are bent on following the trend on how to make their outdoor areas extra special for this purpose. All hail the outdoor! This alfresco version of your living room will give a close competition or even surpass its indoor counterpart concerning style, comfort, and function.

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Whether you are going for a renovation or a total revamp of your outdoor space, these tips and design ideas will help you get the most out of your outdoor area.

Build a Mini Outdoor Bar

Allot a particular corner of your patio and transform it into a useful, entertaining space. You can build a mini bar just under the kitchen window outside for people to have a fun place to prepare and serve their drinks.

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You can also have a fire pit or a grilling area near the mini bar to provide warmth when you are going to spend time in the middle of the cold night. You can design it with a red acrylic top and a wood roofing brackets to prop up the bar. A rope lighting over it also makes for a cool lighting at night.

Don’t Forget the Seating Area for Conversations

If you are planning to transfer the living room function into your outdoor area, make sure to create a relaxing and comfortable seating area for conversations with your guests.


Pieces of furniture conversation come in many varieties such as a built-in curved bench or a large sectional sofa. These outdoor furniture pieces will create for you an ultimate outdoor living experience if you arrange it around a fire.

Create a Fire Pit

We talked a little about fire areas in the first two sections of this article. Now we will talk about them in focus. A fire pit is essential in an outdoor space because it provides warmth and distinctive style to your evening. Nothing beats a fire pit that warms an outdoor seating area.

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Just keep in mind, though, that you will not furnish your outdoor fire pit area with plastic furniture pieces because it will likely melt before you know it, just also for your safety. You can make a do-it-yourself fire pit with curved paving stones or, more advisable, just call a home design expert.

Build a Fountain or Any Running Water Structure

The contained characteristic of a small modern outdoor area gives you the chance to decorate it with some cool feature, and this is where the fountain comes in. There are many styles and sizes of a fountain.

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For a custom industrial water feature, you can have a retro-fitted fountain in an orange container. A fountain is also an affordable alternative to waterfall structure for your outdoor.

Spruce Your Outdoor Space with Colors

For sure, having some burst of colors in your patio is likely to bring in an atmosphere of fun. You can achieve this purpose by adding some weatherproof throw pillows in your seating area. It is also excellent if you change the pillow at every turn of the season. Look for pillows in light, bright colors during warm months and find richer, dark colors during the cold season.

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Another excellent idea is to look for furniture pieces in bright colors. Make a beautiful contrast of these throw pillows with the color of your sofa, chairs, and ottoman. You can look for high-quality and stylish furniture in sites like Black Mango.

Your Outdoor Space Should Double as Dining Area

For you make the most of your outdoor area, you should make sure that it can accommodate dining. If there is enough space for it, include a dining table and chairs, or you can make use of a large coffee table. Your outdoor area is a beautiful place for taking in some food and refreshment, so take advantage of it!

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Splash It With Some Nice Accessories

More often than not, your outdoor furniture is the centerpiece of your outdoor space, but you can tie the area together and make it stand out by adding some decor accent pieces. For example, you can have extra colors by rolling out the outdoor rugs, displaying some candles, and showcasing pretty dishes.

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Rugs help anchor your outdoor dining area, especially in a commodious, open space. Look for an excellent fabric that is large enough to bind the entire area together, and think of complementing the rug pattern with your placemats and dishwares for a unity of patterns.

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Also, do not miss out on using elements of nature available in your outdoor area to spruce up the overall style of your outdoor. Bring in some cozy planters with bright flowers in it to emphasize the natural vibe of the surroundings.

Let There Be Light

Of course, you should not forget the outdoor lighting. Perhaps, you already have a sort of illumination when you are relaxing outside at night. For sure, that is a great start, but you should install outdoor lighting that will set the mood for you to have an excellent time for relaxation outdoors.

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You can set the mood by installing, for example, a few glowing lanterns or cute fairy lights. These lighting fixtures are easy to hang, and they create a welcoming atmosphere for your outdoor area. You can check for affordable strands of lights that are on sale. They are the best buy because it does not require many lights to provide that fairy glow and romantic light at night.


Your outdoor area is an important space as the other rooms in your interior. As I have said, the outdoor space such as your patio, garden, or backyard can be a place for dining, family bonding, and other important social gatherings.

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Thus, you must make it an extra special place by giving much thought to its design. You can follow the design ideas mentioned above to get you started.

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