Letting the World Choose Your Next Travel Destination

One in five adults in the US spend more time planning their vacations than they do their finances, as found in a survey by MyBankTracker.com. Vacations can be costly and many people only manage to take one or two good vacations in a typical year, which is why planning makes sense. However, there is also something to be said for letting destiny call you to your next destination. By ‘leaving it up to the world’ to decide where you and your loved ones travel, you can open doors to new adventures and places of infinite beauty you may never have discovered otherwise. If you’re ready to go off the beaten path and leave your next escape up to fate, the following tips can help.

Dart Throwing

If you are into travel then you know that influencers like Lost LeBlanc, PPPeter, and Yes Theory have all tried a unique way to decide where to travel next: by throwing a dart at a map and flying wherever it landed! Depending on your budget and how far you are willing to travel, you can choose either a city map, national map, or world map. You can also limit your destination by continent. Try as much as possible to remain true to where your dart lands, while taking matters such as safety and cost into account.

Choosing a Destination Via Name Generator

You can also choose your next escape with a random country generator, which you can find online. These generators, which allow you to pick everything from names to colors, also allow you to find a new place to visit. You can limit your choice via country, state, and more. Imagine that you pick ‘Europe’ as your continent, and your random result is ‘Switzerland’. The summer is coming up and you may have hoped you’d get Spain, Italy, or Greece instead. The key to enjoying this type of adventure is to literally pick the first country you get. You would be surprised to learn how much fun you could have in a colder country like Switzerland. Imagine skiing in the summer, taking sunny hikes alongside cows with bells in lush green valleys, or riding a train to the highest train station in all of Europe!

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Relying on Family and Friends

A third way to choose a unique travel destination is to gather with the group of friends or family you will be travelling with. Ask each to come up with five places they would love to visit and make sure no two places are repeated. Write all the suggestions down, throwing them into a bag. Ask someone to pick one of the choices and go exactly where it says! Of course, prior to the selection process, make sure all choices are within budget or within an area all of you can afford and are happy to visit.

Choosing Adventures in Your Destination

If you have already chosen a destination and booked your hotel and flights or journeys, you can still enjoy the beauty of making ad hoc decisions. For instance, you might commit to visiting at least one natural park, taking part in one adventure activity, or visiting one Michelin-starred restaurant in your destination of choice. By committing to new experiences, you can also savor the wonder of discovery.

Having a ‘yes’ mentality is important when you travel. Despite planning your trip carefully, selecting your exact destination in a freer manner can open the scope of places and experiences you enjoy. Even if you have a dream country or city in mind, try to avoid only seeing the typical places tourists are expected to. Think of how you can open your senses to all the beauty and novelty that surrounds you.

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