Latest Trends on Gardening Tools for 2019

With more and more lifestyle shifts happening, gardening and landscaping are becoming a common leisure trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Millennials have a prevailing interest in protecting the environment, with around 20% of the population aged 18-34 report doing gardening as a leisure activity. Though Baby Boomers are more likely to downsize the house they raised their children in, they are also still likely to own a smaller house with a garden. What is also clear is that those living in more urban settings and have very small gardens, have an interest in small-space gardening include herb gardens and hanging gardens.

As the love for gardening increases, so does the need for newer gardening tools. It’s time to take a look at what’s in and on most demand for gardening tools this year.

Battery-operated lawn mowers

Battery-operated lawn mowers are worthy of interest thanks to them being less noisy. They’re easier to use with a simple flip of a switch. They are particularly suited for slow-growing, cool-climate grasses. However, they might only have around one hour of running time, which might not be enough for larger gardens, despite other advantages such as being lightweight and easy to store.


When it comes to vegetable gardening, you can have your vegetable and eat it too! It is forever growing in popularity with people interested to plant their own vegetables and herbs. The average gardener should never be caught without a good pair of pruners. Bypass garden pruners are usually the most popular. Via two curved blades, they make a nice clean cut in the same manner as a pair of scissors would but easier than scissors when cutting thicker branches.

Hedge trimmers

You can only go so far with manual clippers. Good trimmers will give you an evenly cut hedge in a fraction of the time it would take to cut it manually. You can buy electric powered trimmers, but they have their shortcomings, especially when it comes to larger gardens and larger amounts of trimming. Gas hedge trimmers have been the gold standard for professional landscapers and amateur gardeners for a long time. Some of the features to look for in the best petrol hedge trimmers would be the length of the blade as well as the spacing between teeth. The longer the blade, the more you will be able to cut with each sweep. If you need to tackle overgrown hedges or ones with thick branches, look for a trimmer with wider spacing between teeth. In general, gas hedge trimmers will bring a higher level of power to hedge trimming than electric models, but make sure the size and weight feel right for you.

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For many people, a permanent sprinkler is better than a portable one. A permanent one can connect permanently to timers that you can fully automate, and precisely place them so that all parts of the lawn are watered evenly without runoff. Permanent sprinklers also have moisture sensors so that the lawn is watered only when needed.

Garden scooter

Gardening typically needs a lot of bending and that can be hard on your back and knees. A work scooter alleviates the pain put on your back and knees from bending, stooping and crawling. It makes gardening and other low ground tasks much easier to do.

Gardening is therapeutic

Gardening is known to make us happier and keeps depression at bay. Your home garden is your daily direct link to nature. Having a lovely garden to enjoy time in needs some work, as well as proper tools to make the work easier. Don’t settle for tools that are too cheap as they will most likely ruin quickly and not do a good job. Tools come in lots of varieties, so make sure to pick each tool with care so you get your money’s worth and get your garden work done in a cinch.

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