Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool

Taking the time to lay by your pool on a hot summer’s day is a fantastic feeling until you realize that your neighbor s watching you, your child is about to fall in and drown, or your view is not impressive.

All of these things can ruin a beautiful day. But, fortunately, they can also be easily rectified with a little landscaping.

Safety First

If you have concerns over children getting in the pool unsupervised or if you want to block a neighbor’s view then take a look at the range of balustrades Sydney available. You can choose glass balustrades for the house side of the pool, allowing you to enjoy the view. More solid balustrades will block the neighbor’s view and also act as a windbreak, helping you to enjoy your pool even more.


You don’t have to be swimming to enjoy the pool! Having created balustrades you can add string lights to them to create a delightful effect in the evening. There is nothing quite like sitting by the still water of your own pool as your lights twinkle in the dusky light on a warm summer evening. Add a few lights to the pool itself and you’ll have a fantastic scene, straight from the movies.


Paving or decking is easy to walk on and resistant to weeds, you don’t want to spend all your time poolside pulling weeds out of the ground! It also creates a good surround that prevents many bugs and leaves, etc. from getting into your pool. Perhaps, most importantly, it’s very easy to install and will make your pool look fantastic.

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Top Tip: Decking is not as comfortable on your feet but it does allow you to put lights in the floor which will really improve the look of the pool area.


Once you get at least 3-4 feet away from the pool you can start to consider hedges as borders, or even some nice ornamental grasses. These will also act as a wind block while making your pool feel like it is part of the garden. If you’re not sure about hedge borders then consider having small stone walls built. These can transform the area, potentially give extra seating, and allow you to add specific plants if desired. You can choose between a wide array of stones to create the effect that goes best with your pool and your home.


It is very important that you consider your pathways to and from the pool. You’ll want to walk there from your house and probably need to get to the maintenance shed to access cleaning equipment and check everything is running smoothly. You need to create paths that are easy to walk on, will stay clean, and provide good access. To really lift your landscaping add patterns to your paths, these will make the entire area look more elegant and even direct your eye to the pool.

If you’re still struggling for ideas then speak to your landscaper or pool developer, you’ll be surprised at the suggestions they can make.

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