Knock Knock! What Your Front Door Is Telling Your Guests About Your Home

Your front door reveals much to visitors about you and your home. The door may present a welcome or a warning to guests who are just starting to get acquainted. Although it is easy to forget about the front door and focus instead of your home’s interior, the entrance is one of the first things people will see, and it will create an initial impression. Here are some things to keep in mind.


If your front door looks worn, faded, damaged, or neglected, that can send the message that you don’t care about your property or keep up with its maintenance. A shredded weather strip, faded paint or finish, chipped window, or a dull and scratched doorknob are not particularly inviting. Each of these can be readily fixed with minimal time and cost. Make your door appealing and chic, so guests feel welcomed as soon as they arrive.

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Many homeowners decorate their home’s entrance as part of the house’s overall theme or style. Some put up seasonal decorations and holiday displays, such as colored lights, wreaths, or figurines. You may want to add some type of accent that makes your door distinctive and attractive. It can be something cute or funny. Or you may prefer to put up a thoughtful or meaningful, such as a religious emblem or a patriotic symbol.

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Front-door signs are effective and sometimes necessary to inform strangers about important information. For example, if your dog inside your home may bark at or attack an unknown person, a “Beware of Dog” sign is appropriate. “No Solicitors” is another helpful post to keep away unwanted sales people. Sometimes a fun or celebratory sign can be hung across the door for parties or special events. Decorative signs about nature, family, or other warm sentiments can contribute to the theme of the house to enhance the style and tone of your welcome.

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Repair or Replace

If your door is looking old and decrepit, check out replacement doors that can help to give your house a facelift. Newer doors will likely be stronger, better insulated, and more appealing, than your old door. You can also choose one with or without windows to fit the type of house you have. A new door may be fitted with cutting-edge locks for enhanced security. A shiny new doorknob adds a bright touch to the overall effect.

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Take a few minutes to objectively view your door from the porch or sidewalk. Look at it and try to see it as a stranger or friend would. Make any needed adjusted to increase your door’s appeal and effectiveness.

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