Handy Kitchen Tips for Happier and Healthier Life

When it comes to healthier lifestyle we always ask ourselves from where to start. Many doctors say that the kitchen is the first place where we start the changes. After all we are what we eat and drink.

There are many things we should try and change in our lifestyle so we can start living happier and healthier life. First things first. We should start with what we eat and this is made. Here are some tips you should check.

Buy food for healthy cooking

When at the store, look for items that are low in saturated fats. According to the Department of Health of New York, try to buy raw vegetables and fruits. Check the labels for food that is not processed and low in fat and cholesterol.

Use non-sticking pans

It is time to replace deep fried food. Deep fried food is rich with bad fats that are the biggest enemy to our heart. In stead of preparing our food with fats, we should use non sticking pans. With those pans we can easily cook our food without being burned. Most of the vitamins and other healthy products will stay in the food and wont be destroyed during the preparation.

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Drink clean water

Water is the source of every life. Human body is 60% – 70% water therefore we should always keep this in mind. Drinking 2 liters of water every day is essential for our body to function properly. But not all kind of water is good. You can often see that people promote water in plastic bottles, but this is not that healthy. The plastic when exposed to sun and heat may release some toxins in the water. For the the best water is the tap water. With using a whole house water filter you can be sure that the water in your home will be safe for drinking and cooking.

Avoid drinking soda

It is well known that soda is filled with sugar and artificial colors. This is not healthy at all. The best thing you can do is buy a juicer and start making fresh fruit and vegetable juices. This will boost your immune system and will fill your body with energy.

Are you ready for a new happier and healthier life? The decision is yours.

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