Kitchen Design Tips For A Stunning Renovation

Everyone wishes to have a fantastic kitchen where they can cook sumptuous meals for their loved ones. However, if your current kitchen design isn’t conducive or well-equipped, there’s always room for an upgrade.

Renovating your kitchen can be busy work, especially since you need to consider the overall design and purpose as well as your needs and preferences. When it comes to remodeling, it’s always a good idea to work with a professional contractor like MacLaren Kitchen and Bath to ensure that the job is done properly and on time.
When planning for the work and working with your contractor to create the right design, make sure to follow the tips below:

Make The Kitchen Efficient

Eliminate any unnecessary, inefficient steps that hinder or delay your movement in the area. If you usually need a bowl of fruit during your breakfast and you eat at the kitchen island with the bar stools, you should place the bowl on the kitchen island. Set the pot and pan cabinets near the stove, beside the utensils area. You should also put the drying rack just right beside the sink or have a dishwasher right below it.

The goal is to get the job done quickly, allowing the area to be more efficient and stress-free to work around.

Decide On The Island’s Function

If you still don’t have an island in your kitchen, a renovation is the perfect time to get one installed. Add bar stools in your kitchen so you can easily have a quick meal before you head off in the morning. Place a sink or stove on your island—or have it clean and empty. It all boils down to your preference and how you want to work around your kitchen.

Decide On A Theme

Before you get your hands dirty, decide on a theme for your kitchen. You can choose to have a rustic, barn house, industrial, or modern kitchen similar to the one in this video:

Feel free to look for inspiration online. Make sure that it matches the look of our home—although having a rustic home and have a modern-minimalist kitchen can be quite an unconventional choice.

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Make Sure Everything’s Easily Accessible

Add plenty of wall-mounted cabinets to maximize your kitchen space. Apart from adding cabinetry, you can even have your ovens wall-mounted. This can be extremely space-saving, but don’t forget to place them at a height that’s easily accessible to the people using them.

You can also add a pull-down feature that allows you to pull down a rack using a string or stick, and lower it down to your height. In this way, you don’t have to risk your safety when you’re getting stuff from hard-to-reach areas.

Choose Easy-to-Clean Materials

Use easy-to-clean materials so you wouldn’t have to worry about cleanup every time you finish cooking. It’ll be challenging to have a wooden countertop as you’ll always need to check the condition of the wood. Get a countertop that’s extremely easy to clean and maintain, such as quartz or marble, and try to use glass refrigerators so you can easily wipe away any spills and stains.

Add Spacious Countertops

If you frequently cook meals, a spacious countertop is indispensable. It’ll be challenging to create culinary masterpieces if you don’t have enough space to work around.

When renovating your kitchen, give yourself enough counter space so you can cook freely without worrying about where you need to place some of your pots and lids. Along with this, add plenty of storage spaces to allow your other kitchen implements to be placed discreetly, without occupying too much of your countertop.


When renovating your kitchen, don’t just look for the perfect design, you also need to consider the functionality of each area. Take into account your personal style preferences, your cooking requirements, and your usual meal prep routine. Above all, make sure to work with a professional who can help turn your plans into reality.

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