Key Tips Before Moving to Oakville

Moving is an amazing way to re-begin your life from scratch. Sometimes moving is voluntary, for instance, a person wants to move to a location offering a better lifestyle, is closer to nature and so on. On the other hand, moving can be involuntary or a decision out of your hands. This is likely to happen if you have a job transfer. Either way, moving exposes you to numerous challenges, which can lead to potential rewards. However, you really need to take the leap to know!

Nestled along the shore of Lake Ontario; Oakville is the largest town when considering Ontario. Oakville boasts of its exceptional location between Toronto and Hamilton and its liveability is attracting innumerable buyers from all over the world. If you are here; you are very likely one of these.

Moving can make you ponder and fret about several aspects like the neighborhood, safety, affordability, employment opportunities, housing option availability and so much more. The process of moving can be exciting yet very daunting. However, with a few tips at hand, you can pave your way through the process and relocate without any difficulties.

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Here we have compiled a few generic yet key tips that will assist you when moving to Oakville!

So, without further delay, let’s dive in and get acquainted with life at Oakville.

Understand the housing options and prices of real estate

First things first, you need to make arrangements for residence when moving to Oakville. It is popularly believed that Canadian housing will leave you bankrupt. Although you will be glad to know this does not hold true for Oakville. Oakville despite being a prime area due to its close proximity to Toronto offers significantly affordable housing.

Research thoroughly, go house hunting and find the perfect houses for sale in Oakville. It is recommended that you take the help of a professional realtor who with his experience and knowledge of the area can guide you through the process. Once you lay down your terms and budget before the realtor, he will find the most relevant house, suiting your needs, thereby, tremendously saving time and effort.

Know the weather conditions

The weather of a location can greatly impact your health. Therefore, it is essential that you check on the weather conditions. When you move to a new place, among the several adaptations, adapting to weather is one of the basic requirements. In this regard, Oakville has comfortable summers and freezing winters with mild snow and cold winds. Most times of the year, it is partly cloudy, which keeps the temperatures low and pleasant. Oakville has been rated to have the best weather in Canada. This conclusion relies on the fact that contrary to other cities of Canada which receive rainfall for 130 days; Oakville has rainfall for only about 100. Even the warmest month doesn’t have scorching heat and has a temperature of about 21°C.

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Learn about the public services before moving

Before you relocate, you need to be well aware of how the location functions. A few necessary public services that define how developed a town truly is and how efficient or comfortable living there will be are –

Public transport

The commute is an unavoidable part of people’s life. You might have everything right in your locality yet will have to occasionally or regularly travel for certain errands or jobs. Oakville is very well connected with its 24 transit routes running across the entire city. These are technologically advanced and accessible to everyone. The Toronto Pearson National Airport is also easily approachable; all of which makes travel inside and out of Oakville very convenient.


Canada is pretty renowned for quality and affordable healthcare services. Oakville has around 30 clinics accepting walk-ins thereby keeping you covered at all times. You can rest assured that you will never come across a situation wherein you are facing a health issue and it is not addressed.


If you are someone wanting to bring up a family in Canada; Oakville is one of the most feasible options for you. It is home to over 80 schools; both public and private and also has the famous Sheridan College, which offers various majors. Oakville also has easy accessibility to other institutions in Canada.

Consider the cons too

Oakville is not without its flaws. It is always a good idea to know the cons and weigh them against the pros before you make a decision. When talking of Oakville; the pros greatly supersede the cons. A few disadvantages you must know are – Despite having employment opportunities, you might have to go to Toronto if you want better. The funds spent on utility or cost of living in Oakville are mildly higher too.

However; these drawbacks are easily tackled by a stellar developed transportation system and since you spend less on buying the property, you have enough capital left to carry out the cost of living comfortably.

Oakville offers the perfect blend of nature and urban life, which is relatively relaxed. With everything that it offers; it is definitely an alternative you must consider and you will be surprised at how ideal living at Oakville is!

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