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The Key Gardening Tools for Every Occasion

Among the dozens of gardening tools you can find in stores and gardening centres there are some key tools that every gardener should own. They can help with most of your garden maintenance activities, as well as in the typical tasks you perform on a day-to-day basis. Other tools are important for the proper planting and growing of veggies, while others are essential for garden landscaping and design. So, let’s take a look at these tools!

A medium shovel and perhaps a small shovel for finer digging

Of course, the shovel is a multi-purpose tool that can be used in a variety of other gardening tasks too, which range from sowing small plants to making major changes to flower beds and walkways. There are different types of shovels, so make sure to have the one(s) that suit your preferences best. It’s often hard to find the most comfortable shovel for all the activities in the garden and that’s why another great tip is to have a small-, a medium- and a big-size shovel in your shed.

A ladder for all the activities high above the ground

From harvesting cherries and apples to tree surgery and small repairs and adjustments to the roof – make sure to have a good ladder. It can come in handy for many types of garden chores.

A rake is the next item on this list

This tool is indispensable for leaf collection. The rake is another large tool in your gardening tool set so prepare some more space where you organise storage for the big tools. Although not as frequently used as the shovel, the rake offers a number of advantages. It is lighter and easier to handle. According to the type of rake, you can get one for leaf collection only, as well as a stiffer one for getting rid of pebbles and small rocks. A gardening fork is the largest tool of this type – it is much heavier and can help with the most overwhelming tasks.

A small spade for most of the tasks in your small patio garden or indoor garden

The spade is very handy for the easier tasks such as forming a layout in pots, planting flower bulbs, arranging numerous layers of different soil types, etc. It requires very little storage space and it can be your most important tool for almost every occasion in a small urban garden on the terrace. A trowel is another common item that has a specific shape and could make some specific tasks much easier than you have expected.

Shears and/or pruners are next

These can vary in type and size. The smaller ones are indispensable for indoor gardens, while big pruners can help you a lot in tree maintenance outdoors.

Don’t forget the personal protection gear

Don’t forget to put the personal protection gear high on the list of the most important tools for every occasion. Indeed, it’s recommended to wear at least gloves every time you work in the garden, when dealing with chemical compounds and during garden maintenance.

Ropes, hoses, clamps, wire, nails, wood boards, tape, knifes, scissors and others

Sometimes, the smallest items are needed in the most unexpected moments and a great tip is to reserve a special place exactly for these small tools. They can be used for a number of situations in the garden and they usually don’t have a specific purpose. That’s exactly what makes them perfect for every occasion.

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