How to Keep Your Manicure Perfect While Travelling

To maintain a nice look of the manicure, every self-respecting lady needs to provide the needed care on regular basis. Nowadays you have plenty of options for keeping your manicure perfect. You can turn to professional manicurist or to maintain the proper condition of the nails on your own. There are many instruments, nail polishes and a wide range of other gadgets that could help you to have a perfect manicure all the time.

Manicure makes woman’s hand look elegant and stylish and combined with the make up, it tends to be the perfect addition for the impeccable outfit of a woman.


If you have just planned your next trip, there are certainly a lot of things to think about- your luggage, reservations, money issues as well as other things. However for ladies, it is even more complicated because they need to think how to preserve their manicure in an immaculate condition while they travel.

In this article I will give you the best tips how to keep your manicure in an ideal way while you are away from home. As long as you keep in mind these steps, you won’t meet difficulties in maintaining the nice look of the nails.

Keep Your Nails as Short as Possible

Before going on vacation or attending an event that will keep you away from home for more than a week, I advise you to pay attention of the length of your nails. I can agree that long manicure always looks elegant, but if you know that you will travel a lot it is better to make them shorter. On one hand, it will be easy for you to manage with all the luggage if your manicure is shorter. On the other hand, you will avoid the risk of breaking some of your nails, which is, indisputably very unpleasant moment for every woman.

Try Gel or Acrylic Nails Before Travelling

Many women turn to gel or acrylic nails, when they know that they will travel a lot. It is because they last longer and make the nail more resistant to outer influences. I personally advise you to opt for French manicure when using gel, because even when the nail grows, in most cases it remains invisible for the eye. Ask your manicurist for advice for the design of the manicure and if you prepare it by yourself, try to use traditional colours that will combine with as many clothes as possible.

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Apply a Base Coat

If you want to have a long lasting nail polish, I advise you to put a base coat. The base coat sticks to the nails in a perfect way, even better than the nail polish. If your manicure has some uneven surfaces, the base coat will be just the perfect decision to smooth the nails. You will ensure a better protection of your manicure if your use a base coat not only when travelling, but every time you treat your nails with a polish.


These are some tips that will help you to protect your manicure and to keep its immaculate condition while you travel. Remember to provide adequate cleaning of your nails and to use creams to moisturise your hands, especially during the winter season. You can ask your manicurist for additional information for the best care of the hands and nails and as long as your manicure is concerned. I hope that the information mentioned above will help you to learn new things about taking care of your manicure. Enjoy your travelling with your ideal and fascinating manicure!

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