Issues to Address before New Tenant Moves In

Having a new tenant moving into your property is a stressful process for both them and you. That is because you as a landlord have the responsibility to make sure that the property that you are renting out is in spectacular shape before your new tenant moves in. No one wants to live in a place that is not sage and has problems. This is why you as a landlord needs to make sure that you take care of everything before your new tenant moves in. Here is a list of the most important issues you need to address before a new tenant moves in.

Clean the Property Completely

When you have a new tenant moving in you must clean the apartment from top to bottom. The unit needs to be spick and span because it’s dirty your tenant won’t want to live in it. When you are cleaning the property you need to make sure that you are looking for any damaged things and taking note. Make sure that places like bathrooms and kitchen are especially clean and disinfected.

Repair Any Damage

As a landlord, you are obligated to maintain your rental property. Before a new tenant moves in you will want to repair any damage and safety issues to the property. Look for any holes in the walls, broken windows, non-functional appliances or broken drawers. Another thing you need to keep an eye on are the safety issues like all the detectors working properly. A thing that most people forget is checking for any health issues. Make sure that you check for mould, ants or any pest infestation.

Always Look for Issues with Plumbing or Electrical

Another important thing to look for is any plumbing, electric or heat issues. You have to make sure that all of the plumbing works as it should, no drains or toilets are clogged as well as making sure that there are no leaks. Then you will want to check all the wall outlets, lights and appliances.

Make sure To Inspect the HVAC System

Every household needs to have the HVAC system checked and maintained regularly. Because no one is happy when they have HVAC issues. Therefore, once the old tenant has moved out make sure that you take a good look at the HVAC system and make sure that everything is working correctly. That way you will avoid getting unpleasant calls about the system breaking down when it’s freezing cold outside.

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Have Necessary Property Inspections Completed

Another important thing that you need to do is hiring a real estate appraiser. That way you will be sure for what price to rent the property. And as a plus, you will have something to back up your price decision because some tenants will ask for lower prices or complain about the price being too high for what you are offering. Another thing that they will do for you is finding the right tenant. They will create ads that will specifically target the audience you are looking for and someone who will appreciate what you are renting. That way you will avoid any unnecessary conflicts over the renting price of your property.

Look For Any Form of Safety Hazards

As a landlord, the safety of your tenants should be the top priority. Therefore, you should always do a careful inspection of the property and fix any safety hazard that you find. Pay attention to things like broken locks, loose floorboards and any detectors that might need to be repaired. If you aren’t interested in getting a possible lawsuit if something happens to your tenant, you should pay close attention to all the little things that could potentially be or become a safety hazard.

Change Out the Locks

And the most basic issue you should address before having your new tenant moving in is changing out the locks. You will want to change the lock right when the old tenant moves out because they can have a duplicate key and that can lead to some issues down the road. You will not only property and the things in the rental property you will also protect your new tenant. Changing a lock is a very simple and inexpensive process.

If you want to have an amazing rental experience and it’s in your best interest to provide your tenants will the best experiences, a moving checklist is a thing that will set you in the right direction. That way you are aware of all the issues that need to be addressed before letting the new tenant move in.

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