Interior Designer Jobs: Mistakes and Their Solutions

It goes without saying that there is nothing more important than everyday surroundings. They influence our mood, health, job and general well-being. Illumination, colors, textures, and other different simple aspects, usually overlooked, play a rather big role in our lives. That is why interior design underestimation is not the best idea. Further, we will see several mistakes in interior design and tips or ways that may help resolve any of them. These pieces of advice may be useful for beginners in this uneasy sphere or for people who prefer to design their living places on their own.

Use of curtains

Basically, using curtains is a good idea that adds you some privacy and coziness. However, there are some general rules here many tend to ignore. For instance, people hang their curtains way too low: they do not hang them close to the ceiling, but close to the window. This small mistake usually makes the whole house feel squatted, pushed down, and just smaller. On the contrary, we want to broaden the space. Moreover, buying curtains a couple of inches longer is a way to hem them without sewing. This way, curtains will slightly dust the ground, but not puddle. Talking about the color of curtains, it is a rather good idea to use white or another similar pastel tone, as soon as they are easily matchable with your furniture, bed linen, or anything else. It is the easiest way to improve your space dramatically.

Measure in advance

Another common mistake people make is not measuring their space before going to the shop. That may seem obvious, but that indeed happens all around, and consequently, people clutter their homes. An easy tip to avoid this inconvenience is drawing out a simple floor plan before shopping. Sometimes it is a good idea to have a measuring tape in your purse because not all of the product’s descriptions have their measures. So, make your advance measurements and shop wisely!

Rug size

A rug is highly needed for any living place: it visually separates rooms and helps people feel more comfortable at home. Nevertheless, just like with curtains, the wrong size may bring more inconvenience. If you pick too small one, the whole space will feel dwarfed and scrunched. On the other hand, the right rug will widen the room. Specifically, in the case of a living room space, you want to make sure that your rug goes at least halfway under the furniture. However, you definitely don’t need a rug that only fills the open L-shaped area.

Arts placement

The fourth common mistake you might be making around your house is hanging your art too high. In theory, the best place is close to your eyes, i.e. around 60 inches. However, if you live in a large house, you should adjust the height. This suggestion is rather subjective. It depends on how tall you are and how big your space is. However, let’s perceive it as a generalized rule of thumb. Another great way to make sure that things are at the right height (if you have a large piece of art or a large mirror) – make sure that they are hung around the level of a window or a door frame.

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Furniture placement

There is one more mistake, which is probably most common – furniture placed up against the walls. It ironically looks like people are afraid to be anywhere but backed up against a wall. Instead of pushing everything up against the walls, you want to feel lively and conversational. In this way, bringing your furniture away from those walls and setting them up in different angled areas will allow you a better ‘conversation areas’ and community feeling. Moreover, it doesn’t make the space feel awkwardly broken up and starkly open, but otherwise cozy and comfortable. Feel free to bring stuff in, however, it certainly shouldn’t block doors or hinder convenient walkways.

Furniture sets

The last but not least common mistake in interior design is buying furniture sets. Today people tend to go to furniture stores and choose sets instead of single commodities. Sure, there is nothing inherently wrong with this idea. While buying the furniture all at once, you let your home lose a piece of the personal style. If you want your home to feel special and reflect your inner world, try to pay more attention and build your interior design. Make sure that colors are connected, there are some similar repeating attributes, and items don’t drastically differ. You will certainly feel more special having a room designed on your own with a couple of things speaking to each other.

Obviously, we couldn’t cover all the mistakes in interior design people make.  These are only some among many other aspects influencing our well-being. Therefore, they are worth paying more attention to and spending time creating your space.

On the other hand, if you are a person experienced in interior design, then all of the tips and pieces of advice mentioned above seemed pretty obvious to you. So, there is a chance to take advantage of these demanded skills. Fortunately, there are some well-known international resources where you can easily apply and find an interior designer job in the design industry just in a few days.

In conclusion, create perfect conceptual home designs, pay more attention to the tiny aspects analyzed above, don’t rush to buy finished general furniture, and don’t be afraid of improvisation!

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