Intentional Birthday Gifts Alternatives for Loved Ones

Life is full of too much stuff. Our homes are packed to the brim with knick knacks, our closets overflowing with clothes we can’t quite get rid of, and our garages filled with decade old pool toys and yard games we are sure to use again, one day.

Even with all of this stuff, we still feel obligated to buy gifts at every holiday. If you’re anything like many of us now, you have no idea what to get your cousin’s best friend’s kid that you met once at a family gathering for Labor Day Weekend.. Or for your dad, the man that has everything he’s ever wanted, and enjoys a good hearty laugh from the humor of life. There’s an alternative that solves these challenges of too much stuff, not enough personalized thoughtfulness: digital gifts, created intentionally and personally.


With a few clicks of the mouse, or taps on your phone, you can craft a quick and easy meme for your loved one and send to them for their special day! Memes have become very popular in recent years, they communicate humor and levity, while keeping relevant to the times.

Personalized videos

There’s nothing like receiving a heartfelt, personalized video on your birthday, religious holiday, or special occasion. With the technology built directly into our phones and all of the available free apps available with filters and fonts and easy to use features, it’s simple to create a quick, personalized video and add a celebratory filter for the occasion!

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Birthday cards

Without going to the store to stand amongst the hundreds of cards, you can save yourself time, the environment of more paper and plastic in the trash, and send your loved ones personalized birthday cards! The messages can be customized to your message, or you can choose one that’s pre-made for you to suit the recipient’s style. They’re thoughtful, funny or sentimental, and not at all wasteful, which is a win for everyone!

Photographs of something spectacular

Sharing a photograph online of a breathtaking view of your family’s favorite mountain cabin, beach or waterfall with a loved one is a smooth way to give the gift of a memory or experience.

Whatever your need, there’s a plethora of online, digital gifts to share with loved ones, whether you need to get something there in a pinch, or you’d like to let them know you’re thinking of them, while being friendly to the environment.

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