How Would You Install the Custom Blinds Online?

Versatility, durability and extremely stylish are the attractive features of the window roller blinds. The blinds give you your much-needed privacy, safeguard your electronics as well as furniture and even reduce electricity bills. There is array of blinds available in the market with unique features, designs and a variety of colors to suit your taste. Today, you can also go for the custom blinds online and you can purchase the same from different online portals. You need to measure your window areas and then you can put the same measurement on the online portals to customize these blinds. Apart from that, you can also hire the trained professionals to take the measurement of your window and doors to customize these blinds.

How Would You Take Measurement of Your Window Before Installing the Blinds?

  • If you are planning to put a blind inside the window frame, then you need to take the complete measurement of your window frames. You can take measure of the top, middle and bottom- for width, and left, middle and right- for height. Also, note the narrowest width and longest height. Measure the depth of the window as well.
  • If you want to block maximum light and get it installed above the window, then you must install the mount brackets at least 2 inches above the frame. Then, measure the whole area and add 3 inches to the width and height for privacy control.

Customizing blinds is especially needed if you have an arched window, skylight windows and porthole or trapezoid windows. If you still confused about this installation process, then you can call the blinds manufacturer companies and they will send their trained professionals to install the same on your windows.

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How Are Custom Blinds Different from Standard Blinds?

  1. Custom blinds are individually crafted while; standard blinds are crafted in bulks. Hence, their length may vary, and you need to take the proper measurement of your window before installing these blinds.
  2. Standard blinds are unlined while, custom blinds may have linings that may ensure increased light blocking capabilities and enhanced safety features.
  3. The width of the standard blind may vary. They have to be cut down as per the requirement. However, custom blinds, as the name suggests, can be customized as per the style requirement of the user.

#5 Advantages of Custom Blinds Online:

  1. Makes your house look aesthetically beautiful. Apart from that, you can easily customize these blinds as per your needs and you place your order for custom blinds online.
  2. It goes a long way and is a rewarding experience to add personal touch to your home. Normal heavy curtains cannot provide you full privacy, but custom blinds can block the sun’s ray and provide you complete privacy level.
  3. You are assured of the quality of the blinds. Many fabric and other materials manufacturers also offer 100% money back guarantee, in case not satisfied with the quality of the respective material.
  4. Many home departmental stores offer customized blinds. The store representative may come to your house to take measurements and make blinds as per your requirement.
  5. You can even order for custom blinds online. But, you have to absolutely sure about the accuracy of the measurements. Make sure to read customer reviews on the website in case you decide to buy custom blinds online.

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Customizing the blinds may be a little expensive as compared to standard blinds available in the market. Customizing blinds is a unique way to add personal touch to your bedroom or living room. You can choose wood blinds, faux wood blinds, venetian blinds, vertical or horizontal blinds in different colors, textures, finishes or fabrics, as per your choice. But, make sure that the measurements are accurate.

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