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Innovative Products in the Market to Help Fix Your Pipes

A jack of all trades isn’t synonymous with proficiency until recently, thanks to all the DIY guides available on the internet. This doesn’t exactly mean that you can take the job of a professional handyman by reading a few guides and watching a couple of videos. Yet, a big chunk of problems that we face in repairing certain systems in our households starts seeming quite trivial as you watch a plumber or a handyman to fix it in a few minutes. The experience required to complete big DIY repairs and projects is not far-fetched and can be achieved with enough persistence and passion for being more independent. A can-do attitude is the first step towards fixing problems in your house like piping systems, but you can’t expect it to magically make your problems disappear.

You’ll need to arm yourself with the most innovative and dependable tools in the market. When it comes to piping, a few simple fixes can translate to huge monetary drains if you don’t get the job done with the right tools and make it worse. This is why a lot of people choose to go with plumbers at the slightest hint of problems from their pipes. The tools and products available in the market aren’t just for DIY enthusiasts, but also plumbers who like to stay ahead in the game by utilizing new technologies and products in their work constantly.

In this article, you’ll find a list of the most innovative products available on the market for resolving pipe problems.

Water-Soluble Purging Dams

When it comes to industrial and welded piping systems, sometimes a quick solution needs to be found that minimizes risk and increases efficiency. A purge dam helps the welder minimize the cost of welding while making the whole process much faster. The use of water soluble paper is considered the safest solution because it doesn’t produce any contaminants while completely isolating the welding area. It can be simply flushed with water with absolutely no traces after the welding is complete.

Pipe Cutters

Cutting a pipe to replace an old one is quite a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools. Using traditional tools may not yield the same outcome and result in a botched pipe. Modern and innovative pipe cutters are pocket-sized with enough strength to cut through most types of pipes. The traditional method of using a hacksaw is quite harder when you compare it to the clean-cut produced by a pipe cutter. The ability to use them in any space gives you a degree of freedom that helps you finish the job quickly. Since they’re not adjustable, it’s recommended to purchase common diameters of pipes.

Adjustable Spanners

Unlike the traditional wrench, an adjustable spanner has a controllable jaw that helps lock it down on many sizes of fasteners like nuts and bolts. It’s quite common that it will be hard to see a plumber not using one in any piping job. You can use more than one to ensure that you do not twist the pipes during working on compression joints. The width of the jaw is controlled by a screw mechanism that can be loosened or tightened very quickly.

Handheld Blowtorch

A lot of piping jobs, especially fixing leaky pipes, done by plumbers require using a blowtorch to solder the copper pipes. The pipes are heated with the small blowtorch, and a solder material is applied to reach every hole and gap of the pipe and seal them efficiently. Sometimes a blowtorch is used to help in the unfreezing or heating of pipes since it costs much less than using any other system as well as being quite effective in the coldest of weather. The modern handheld blow torches use the oxygen supplied from the air and pressurized fuel gas to provide flames with tremendous temperatures.

Cordless Drain Cleaner

Applying acid to unclog your drains is quite destructive, and a lot of people stopped using it as it can damage the infrastructure of your whole piping system. A professional cordless drain cleaner is a machine that doesn’t need to be connected to an electrical output on the wall and can extend a line up to 50 ft in length that can go through most pipes. It will then proceed to destroy any clogs it encounters in the way instantaneously thanks to its high feed speed. Clogged pipes will become a thing of the past because of these convenient machines.

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Thread Sealing Tape

Ignoring applying thread sealing tape to any interconnected piping system is a huge mistake. A lot of pipes are connected together and interlocked to help create a customized path around your home. The problem is the connection of the pipes may not be as secure as it seems under high pressure or extreme temperatures. A thread sealing tape is wrapped around the interlocking threads to ensure that they remain connected with no room for leakage and loose ends. These sealants are quite resilient, and they can endure the harshest conditions; you don’t need to worry about the cold winters wreaking havoc on your lines. They can stay operational for many years.

Tracing Dye

Tracing dyes are used to help show where the leaks are by applying a certain odorless and safe color to the water in the piping and drain systems. The colors make it easy to identify the path of water and the location of the leaks down to the exact spot to make finding that leaky spot much easier. You can pour the dyed water into your sink, toilet, drain, or any pipe system you wish to trace. Tracing entire pipe systems has become easier, without costing you a lot.

It seems that the market is becoming more and more open for people who are interested in doing their own DIY projects and piping repairs. The most innovative tools and products are the ones that can help you save as much time and money as possible while ensuring that you do a great job of repairing your pipes. If the piping problem is very serious, it’s still recommended to consult a professional plumber.

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