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Innovations That You Can Try That Add Home Value

Are you planning to give your home a fresh new look? Home improvement projects like a coat of paint or refinishing the flooring can make your home look new. But innovative ideas like technology upgrades, adding eco-friendly features, and creating a home office space will significantly enhance the comfort level of your residence besides adding to the property value, should you decide to sell.

Here’s a list of innovative home improvement ideas for you to consider.

Smart appliances for an intelligent home

Incorporate innovative home technologies that are connected centrally and accessible remotely. Sample this – modernised home security system with video calling bells and electronic door locks, controlled through mobile. Built-in audio systems can take care of entertainment through the house. With remote controlled blinds, take control of your privacy and the amount of light streaming in from the outdoors without having to reach out. Smart thermostats can relieve you of the stress of maintaining an optimum indoor climate.

Upgrades for an efficient home

When planning home renovations, consider enhancing the energy and water efficiency levels. Did you know that you could cut down on carbon emissions and energy bills by up to 25% by simply sealing your house? But do not forget to keep adequate provisions for unrestricted airflow through cross-ventilation to enable the natural cooling of your home. Further, work on the thermal performance of your home by adding insulation to the roof, wall and floor, as well as double glazing your windows.

To make your home water-efficient, install WELS star-rated toilets, showerheads, taps, etc., and flow restrictors to reduce water flow. Fixtures with motion sensors take care of convenience. A rainwater tank is an excellent idea to conserve water.

Populate your garden with native plants to improve air quality and increase biodiversity, besides enhancing the curb appeal of your property.

Space efficient storage

Although you can renew your cabinetry with a new touch of polish or updated hardware, the space available will remain the same. However, you can take advantage of underutilised corner spaces besides making room for additional functions by considering purpose-built, space-efficient storage. While adding value with custom-made wardrobes and cabinets, make sure to use low-VOC veneers and laminates to minimise environmental impact.

Energise your home with smart lighting schemes

The way you light up your home makes or breaks the overall design impact. You can slash annual power bills and up the sophistication quotient of your home with contemporary smart LED lights. Buy commercial light panels for energy-efficient illumination of your task centres. Put up stylish pendants at the entrance or recess lights for ambience in the living room.

You can remotely switch on and off smart lights and change the light settings according to your mood. Further, these are also equipped with motion sensors, alerting you whenever it detects an unexpected movement.

Would you like to add any more ideas to our list of innovative home upgrades that are sure to add value to your home besides improving liveability and comfort?

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