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An Overview of the Different Indoor Plants Available Online

Looking forward to decorating your interiors? Modern trend suggests that keeping certain plants in the house helps to augment the aesthetic beauty of the home interiors. There is a range of beautiful plants available in the market. Customers can choose and buy the indoor plants, online.

The following are a list of indoor plants that are available online:

The indoor plants available online take very little space, they require small amount of sunlight. Therefore, if you few windows then you can adjust the position of the plants so that they get optimum amount of sunlight.

Chinese Money Plants

These plants require bright and indirect sunlight. Use a simple pot to hold the plants. Water the plants but ensure that the water is draining out properly. The plants have round leaves and it looks attractive.

Staghorn Fern

The plant requires low sunlight and it requires moderate moisture. These plants look beautiful when they hang from the walls.

Snake Plants

These plants need indirect light. They require light watering. You need to water the plants once the soil has dried completely. The plants look good if they placed at a corner of the room.

Weeping Fig

This plant requires bright and direct sunlight. This plant looks beautiful if placed in living spaces. The plants require watering from time to time. It is best to keep the plant in a simple and white pot.


These plants exist in natural light. They require to be watered once every seven days in the summer and after every three weeks during the winter.


The indoor plants require indirect sunlight. It requires moist soil and therefore the plant needs to be watered from time to time. Use a white pot to display the colorful leaves of the plants.

Aloe Plants

The plants need to be exposed to direct sunlight. It requires watering once a week. You can use a tall pot to keep the plant.

Dragon Tree

The dragon tree is another indoor plant. It has spiky leaves which grow upwards. Direct sunlight could damage the plant and therefore it is best to give them indirect sunlight. Use a modern pot to keep the plants and in that way the beauty of the plant is enhanced.

Jade Plants

These plants require medium light for a few hours, daily. The plant needs to be watered after every few days. Place the plant in a pot that is striking and vibrant.

Peace Lilies

This plant requires low light. It needs to be watered only of the top of the soil is dry. Caring the plant is easy. It looks beautiful if placed in a modern pot.

English Ivy

The plant requires four hours of direct sunlight. For the remaining parts of the day the plant requires indirect sunlight. The plant requires steady moisture supply. The plant should be placed in a pot that gives it space to grow.

Golden Pothos

The plants require bright indirect sunlight. It requires watering from time to time. A standard terra cotta pot should be used to keep the plant.

Spider Plants

This indoor plant requires indirect light. It requires watering from time to time. These plants look attractive if they are kept in a hanging pot.

Asparagus Fern

The plant requires indirect light, it requires plenty of water. The plant looks stunning if its pot is kept in a hanging state.

© Traumrune / Wikimedia Commons

Rubber plants

These indoor plants require bright and indirect sunlight. The plants require to be watered only when the soil is dry. These plants look beautiful if they are kept near a seating area.

Each of the different indoor plants are available online along with their features, prices. Interested customers can check the products online and can buy them online in a hassle-free manner.

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