Incorporating Design Elements: 4 Ways to Create Focal Points in Your Home

Creating focal points in your home turns ordinary rooms into gathering spaces. From kitchens to bedrooms and even bathrooms, adding an eye-catching feature will draw people through your home, making everyone feel more welcome and invited to relax and share time with friends and family.

Work With Fabric

A simple wooden dining set can be turned into a cozy spot to linger with the right table cover, seat cushions or bench seat. No matter your cooking style, having a comfortable place to sit and share a meal will provide you with warm, happy memories for years to come.

Photo by Roost Interior Design

Be sure to tailor the space to your needs. Those with small children may need to settle for a machine washable cloth for the first few years. However, the wide variety of table covers and cloth napkins available today means that you can still set a beautiful table.

Work With Light

A uniquely sized mirror can turn a ho-hum hall or entryway into an eye-catching area. You may need to connect with a qualified glazier to get the mirror sized properly and installed safely.

Photo by Pegasus Builders, Inc.

Once the mirror is up, consider placing candles of varying heights in front of it to capitalize on reflected light. This is particularly important if the space where the mirror is located has little natural light.

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Work With Plants

Both inside and out, a striking plant can make an ordinary window a masterpiece. Whether you’re placing an indoor fern to create a cascade effect or creating a mass planting of a favorite perennial just outside your living room window, focus your energy on just one or two plants.

Photo by Bask Interiors

The eye can’t really focus on a cluster of plants in pots, but a single large or blooming plant is a great choice when you want to create an eye-catching feature in your home. Consider hanging the plant, or setting the pot on a high shelf for the best view.

Work With Color

Create a soothing background palette that makes your favorite items pop. If you love books, create a leisure area loaded with neutral seating, comfortable throws, and let the colors on the bookcases draw the eye.

Photo by Bee’s Knees Design, LLC

For those who like bright colors, consider creating a single accent wall, choosing a colorful piece of furniture, or simply placing a throw in your favorite color over a sofa or chair. An excess of color in too many places makes a space feel scattered. Concentrated bursts of color will draw the eye to only one spot.

Start with a neutral palette. Focus on comfort, light, plants and colors to create a comforting background against which your favorite pieces can stand out. Rather than forcing the eye to find something to settle on, you can create a home that allows the viewer to be drawn directly to the most memorable pieces you own.

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