In the Details: How to Clean Up Your Home Exterior This Summer

When we go outside in the summertime to work on our gardens and play with the kids, we are often faced with how the house has fared over the course of the colder months. Raking leaves is just a small part of it; you might have branches that are ready to fall, or a fence that needs urgent patching up.

It might seem like daunting work to clean up your home exterior, especially when there is a lot to do. Many people neglect the work because they do not know where to begin. It might help to have a list of basics to check for; after you have covered these basics, a quick online search can find more tips to ascertain that the rest is covered.

Pay Attention to the Trees

If you have taller, older trees, they might have struggled through the wintertime. They become a hazard; if a bough falls on a child or a pet, it could cause serious injury. Take a day off to be rid of such branches, and hire an expert to take care of the ones you cannot reach. You won’t have to worry about your family playing outside when they’re out of the way.

Check For Pests

There are pests that love to hide in piles of leaves that fell during the autumn. Those leaves provide warmth and safety, a perfect place for them to set up a home. Some of them can be poisonous, or cause serious damage to your house and the trees surrounding it. Make sure the dead foliage is cleared up before you make any plans for a bonfire night.

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Examine Your House

Your house has put up with a lot during the colder months. You might find a handful of loose shingles on the roof, or the gutters cracked after exposure to weeks of ice. Most importantly of all, check out the foundations and ensure that there are no cracks; those can be the start of greater damage. Cracks should be repaired as quickly as possible by professionals, who can do a crack repair injection.

It is a lovely thing to own a house, but even the sturdiest of homes need looking after. Trouble can spring up where you were not anticipating it, turning any summer into a time of worry rather than relaxation. When the exterior of your house has been made secure, you’ll be safe to go outside with your family and make new memories.

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