Improve The Exterior Home Décor Using Some Simplistic Approaches

It is true that you have already invested a lot to decorate the interior of your house. You have so many people to help you with that, especially the well-trained interior decorators. However, you cannot just rely on the interior décor of your house only as people will first get attracted towards the exterior look of your house. If the exterior of the house remains lame, no one will stop by and won’t visit the interior, no matter how hard you have worked for it. So, some simple and easy tricks are on your way to make the exterior of your house looks like a bomb! These inspirations are taken from some real houses, which have surely attracted many eyes and continue doing the same! So, if you want your house to be featured in that list, remember to visit and get some ideas. The methods are simple and you don’t have to invest a lot of money for that.

Following the Cape Cod style:

The Cape Cod style is something that most people have fallen in love with. The colors of the paint will work just magically for you. To make the house pops up a bit, you can try adding the retaining walls. The granite material of the walls will definitely match the original basement leveled walls of the house as well. Other than granite, there are some other materials available in this lot too. So, make sure to follow those points as well.

Photo by Petrucci Johnson Homes

Start to decorate the molding area to say the least:

If you want to start it small, you can start working on decorating the moldings of your house. The whiter wooden pieces, which are situated right under gable trim above front door, are mostly designed for that look. So, you can try working on this idea by just mounting some newel post ball caps, mostly used on the stair railings in here.

Photo by John Kraemer & Sons

Aim for the lantern styled lights:

There are so many decorative pieces available for designing exterior portion of the house and you need not have to spend a hefty amount for that. You can always double up the classic style with pair of the lantern fixtures, which will be flanking the door. The symmetry of the service will just look great with pilasters, duos of urns and even railings, situated right around the said entry.

Photo by FireRock Building Materials

Time for the flower beds in town:

The retaining walls are mainly made out of brick, stone or concrete, which can easily shore up the layers of your sloping yard and can perfectly define the flower beds. You can try decorating the main bed as bordered by granite retained wall, and that bed can be filled up with purple colored Wave Petunias. Keep a place neat the large front window of your house for the fountain grass. Then you have Crape Myrtles, which can bloom all summer, to make that low maintenance and beautiful tree of your choice.

Photo via Houzz

Proficient use of shutters to help you big time:

If you check out the history, shutters were previously used on farmhouses and barns. The batten and board shutters will have a more laid back look and feel to it, when compared to the louvered versions in here. Nowadays, shutters will not just add protection as you want it, but can beautify your windows and doors too from outside. For that, these shutters are now available in pop of colors other than basic black, white or brown. You have the liberty to go through all the options and then finally make way for the right choice, matching your house.

Photo by Distinctive Design / Build / Remodel, LLC.

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Try to create that welcoming appeal:

Want to create that welcoming appeal for others, when they first visit your house? No matter whatever the colors of the walls might be, you can try painting the main door of the house in a rather soothing blue color. It will definitely brighten up the entry without being way too vibrant or color popping. If you want to add that level of comfort to your house, then try adding two rocking chairs outside the main door. The white rocking chairs with matching blue colored pillows will complete the look for sure.

Photo via Houzz

Downspouts and gutters:

If you search the internet or retail home decorating markets, you will come across copper gutters, which can proficiently blend with the darker colored trims. Moreover, these copper gutters are weathered, making them long lasting during harsh down pouring or heavy snow. If you don’t want the trim to stand out then using these copper gutters can camouflage it well. Then the planters by door are square zinc containers, which are promisingly filled up with round boxwoods and even trailing the variegated ivy.

Photo by Michael H. Masilotti Architects

Go for the window boxes:

Try to get hands deep into no-fail window box combo. The combo comprises of bright impatiens and some foxtail ferns. You can put the plants in plastic liner, which will fit well inside copper box and then lifts it out for easier care. There are multiple rates allotted for these window boxes and you can greatly choose anyone that you like the most in here.

Photo by Witt Construction

Focus at your front door:

As mentioned already, the coat of the sky blue paint along with the hardware with antique brass finish will make that cottage styled and arched top door look rather charming and more interesting, to say the least. It will help in adding that traditional look, yet with a touch of modernism to it.

Photo by Trimlite

Go for the copper awnings:

If you want, you can customize your awnings to help them easily add to the present doors or windows. This version will match up with the bay window roof, if you have one. So, you can try focusing on these copper based awnings for a change in the exterior look of your house.

Photo by John Gehri Zerrer

These are some of the best ways in which you can decorate the exterior look of the house. There is no need to spend a hefty amount of money for these changes as you can procure most of the items from thrift store or flea market too.

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