Important things to Consider when Travelling with Disabled People

If you’re travelling with someone with a disability, then it’s only right that you would want them to travel without any hindrance, just as you do. With careful preparation and a positive attitude, this is entirely possible. In this post, we look at the top things to consider when you’re travelling with disabled people.

Plan Your Journey Ahead of Time

Careful planning for your trip is essential. By planning carefully, you can not only ensure that the places you’re visiting are accessible, but you can also plan for contingencies in case your plans fall through.

The more information you can gather before your trip, the better. This should also include your transport. If you’re making trips regularly, then buying a car specifically designed for people with disabilities from somewhere like Allied Mobility could be the best option.

If you’re not travelling by car, and are instead travelling by train or plane, then consult your travel provider about the steps they’ve taken to ensure that you can enjoy a seamless journey.

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Likewise, if your travel provider gives you special access, ensure you have documentation to hand. This could include anything from priority boarding to special wheelchair access.

Ask Disability Charities/ Organisations for Hints and Tips

This is particularly important if you’ve not travelled with someone with a disability before. If you have friends who have been in a similar position before, then consult with them for their opinions. If you don’t have someone who has experienced this before, then disability charities may be willing to help you prepare. Try the following charities:

  • PACER – champions for children with disabilities
  • Scope – Who pride themselves on ensuring disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • Mencap – The voice of learning disability
  • Sue Ryder – Compassionate care for people with lifelong needs

Consider Disability Rights Abroad

Unfortunately, as sad as this may seem, not everywhere in the world offers the same level of disability rights as we do here in the UK. As a result, if you’re heading abroad, it’s worth taking a detailed look at laws and regulations about disabilities in your host country. Travel may be difficult or impossible in some countries, so do your research before you travel.

Hopefully these hints and tips can help you plan your travel. Plan in advance and plan comprehensively, and you should have the trip of a lifetime.

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