Ideas for creating Refreshing Indoor Garden

Who doesn’t want to have a refreshing green space inside their homes? Having a lush green space in the vicinity of your home gives you a refreshing feeling. But the biggest problem that majority of people face these days is that they don’t have any open space in their homes not even a small balcony or patio. Fret not because we will show you tons of ways in which you can convert your living area into a lush green garden.

Here are some ideas using which you can try to create amazing indoor gardens inside your four walls:

DIY Vertical Garden on Steel Mesh:

You can easily create this indoor garden on your all you need is to select a plain wall on which you can fix a steel mesh. Once you’re done you can easily hang different pots of plants on it, this will give your place a fresh look. Because you are hanging pots on the wall therefore you don’t use extra space. You can use variety of plants from evergreens to all year-round flowers. You can even try growing veggies and herbs like this.

Planter Stands:

Another great way for growing plants indoors is by using planter stands. Planter stands are quite handy as they occupy small space and you can place a variety of plants on them. You can either place pots on a planter stand or you can even grow plants in them.

DIY Jar Herb Gardens:

Everyone has empty jars in their homes. You can easily create your very own indoor garden using those empty jars. All you need to do is locate a spot in your home which gets sunlight and place those jars over there. You can grow many kinds of herbs and vegetables in your jars like spinach, lettuce, chilies, parsley etc.  moreover, these jar plants are really easily to maintain as you can move them anywhere you want with ease.

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Hanging Terrariums:

Another great way of blending plants with your home décor is by using glass terrariums or pods. These terrariums not only look beautiful, but they are also great for growing plants. Moreover, using them will give your home an overall more modern and contemporary appeal. There are many ways in which you can use these terrariums you can either hang them using rope or display them on your shelves.

Creating a small kitchen garden on your kitchen shelf:

Once you’re done with placing plants in your living areas, you can also create a small kitchen garden for yourself. Creating a kitchen garden is quite easy, you can easily plant everyday use herbs in pots and place them on your window sills.

Zen Gardens:

If you have open space in your living area then you can also consider making a Zen garden. Zen gardens are famous because of their relaxing appeal as they help in keeping your mind calm. Zen gardens are also known for increasing mindfulness and because of these many offices have indoor Zen gardens. You can get the help of forklift hire for lifting and placing trees in your Zen garden. Other than indoor trees you can also add a small indoor pond and few pebbles to complete your Zen garden.

We hope that you can utilize these easy to follow indoor gardening ideas for creating a relaxing and soothing space in your home. You should consider planting plants inside your homes because they not only beautify your home, but they also act as natural air purifiers. Plants also release moisture in air this is very beneficial for people with dry skins. Having moisture in air helps people with dry skin in staying moist and it also helps in reducing irritation of eyes.

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