Ideal VS Nature: what photo trends say in 2022

If earlier we could meet some clear concepts in terms of beauty, then every year they become blurrier, as there is no one exact ideal of beauty — you can look like you want, but there are some trends that you can notice in the photo. After analyzing the Instagram tape, we can say that still, fashion goes towards naturalness, but there are surgical interventions that highlight certain features of the face.

There used to be more edited photos where people have perfect skin, white teeth, expressive eyes, perfect eyebrows, and bright lipstick, but over the years there have been changes — now we can see more pictures with natural eyebrows, laminated eyelashes replaced false eyelashes and nude lipsticks replaced bright ones. If we talk about hair color, now you can rarely find a bright and unusual color.

We would like to pay special attention to the features of the face — with the appearance of various operations and injections, the concept of beauty has changed. Those who are not ready to use these ways of disguise — use different filters in social networks, but we cannot say that it is a good influence on the perception of oneself. The filter completely changes all the features of your face and changes your appearance. If you really want to fix your appearance, it is better to refer to the Retouchme app to change nose, for example. This way you get the desired photo without having to manipulate your face. We often think that if we change one part of the face, our appearance will be perfect, but it is not always so. Our beauty is that we are who we are with our own peculiarities.

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In addition, if you have already taken the step of surgery, you should understand that fashion and trends are changing, but your face will not be ready for so many changes. An excellent example is the eyebrows: previously in fashion were as thin as the strings of the eyebrows, but since 2015 fashion has become wide thick, clear eyebrows. For people who had previously plucked their eyebrows, it was very difficult to come to this trend, because not everyone could grow eyebrows back, as a result of which people began to do permanent makeup on the eyebrows, but this procedure is not pleasant and also cannot look as natural as natural eyebrows. So be careful with your face and make decisions before you think about it.

If we talk about 2022, then you can forget about the fashion of the eyebrows of 2015, as well as the bright makeup with a thick layer of toner, big arrows, and contouring — now in fashion light makeup, which is almost invisible. So a minimum of tones, and better BB cream, eyebrows can be simply fixed to the top with a gel, shadows pick up in nude tones, as well as add a gentle peach blush — your perfect trendy makeup is ready! Also in trend photos, you can see light images of clothes with unusual original decorations. In the image itself, it is not necessary to overdo it with a variety of colors — it is better to use a maximum of 3–4 colors, so the image will look more elegant and fashionable.

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