How to Use Fire Glass in Other Creative Ways

The process of decorating or redecorating your home can be really daunting. Choosing the furniture is easily done, but picking the smaller details that go into every room or your garden could be more of a struggle. However, there are always simple things that can help add beauty to your home.

Fire glass as a decorative element

Fire glass is one of the basic things that can add elegance to your house inside and out. You may be asking yourself, what is fire glass and how can I use it? Fire glass is commonly used in fire pits as a decorative element. The science behind its construction is what makes it so aesthetically pleasing to look at in a fireplace. When the glass is put on top of a gas burner, that allows it to pass through its gaps and fuel the fire on the surface of the glass. That process is what gives the illusion that the fire glass is burning, but it actually isn’t. And the soot that can be found on the glass at times can simply be from the gas burner itself.

The science behind fire glass

Fire glass is simply just colored inert glass, meaning there is no way it can burn. Even the components that give it various colors are almost completely nonflammable. So, there’s no need to worry about that. Unlike normal glass, fire glass itself is made to withstand the heat of any fire feature.

Fire glass can be used in a variety of creative ways other than just fire pits or fireplaces. In this article, we’ll take a look at those.

Decorating your garden.

The natural shape of fire glass is very much like that of earth’s gravel, making it perfectly usable in landscapes. It adds a lot of color to your garden and can completely lift up the place. You can also add it to water features if you have any.

You can play around with the colors of the fire glass itself to change the feel of the place. Fiery colors like red and orange can make a place feel cozy and comfortable, whereas colors such as blue and purple add a relaxing vibe to the surroundings. Stronger colors like gold or silver make the place feel more elegant and luxurious.

You can mix and match colors or choose to just use one color for your garden. Whatever you choose, just make sure you follow safety procedures when installing the crushed glass. Its sharp edges make it critical for the person installing it in place to be careful to avoid any cuts. Make sure you take extra safety measures if you own any pets or have young children.

Filling vases and aquariums.

Again, fire glass can be used as a substitute for gravel when it comes to flower vases. The colors add a vibrant element to your rooms with light reflection. It’s not just flower vases though, you can always add it to empty crystal vases as well.

If you have a fish aquarium in your house, it might be worth using fire glass as a decorative component. You’ll find that fire glass is extremely low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned. All you’d need is water, some vinegar and whatever cleaning brush or strainer you may have. It’s safe to use with your water creatures, and of course, it looks great!

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Glass art.

A lot of glass artists choose to do some creative work using fire glass. The sky’s the limit when it comes to artistic creations with that element. You can find inspiration for ideas for glass art online on Instagram or Pinterest. You can have a go at creating different shapes of glass for wooden tables using fire glass. You would need about 2 to 4 inches of glass for most artworks but you can always add or subtract based on the project you’ll be working on.

Mosaic countertops

Those are also a fun way to use fire glass. You can make your own original pieces using the colored glass and place it in different areas of your home. Mosaic art can be made into large or small portraits to decorate your walls. Or you can even make pieces large enough to cover an entire side of a wall as a substitute for wallpaper. This would work in larger spaces in your house like living rooms or guest areas.

Redecorating your pre-existing fireplace

That is also a great option. If you have a gas burner then you can take out the wooden logs and bring in the vibrant glass colors, or even just decorate the feature with glass bits on the surfaces.

Indoor fire tables are also an innovative choice. It’ll need some work, but having an indoor pit that is inside of a wooden-looking table is guaranteed to wow your houseguests and add a great deal of luxury to your room.

Use fire glass for a planet-friendly home

One great thing about fire glass is that it is eco-friendly. If you’re trying to lower your carbon footprint and lead a green life in a green household, using fire glass in your gas fireplace or outdoor fire pit would be the perfect option for you. It’s a non-toxic and reusable source of heating.

Be creative with your designs

Creativity with fire glass is limitless. It’s a very small element that has a very large capability to completely change the look of your home both inside and out. The decorative tempered glass lends exquisite colors to any boring fireplace or pit. Make sure you do your research on what kind of fire glass you want for different purposes. Be sure to place the fire glass safely, especially if it’s crushed. The sharp edges can pose some dangers, so it’s always best to consider these things.

Don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to choosing colors and ideas for your house with fire glass. You can choose a daring palette that will match the theme of your place if you position it well and add the right elements around it. And always remember to take before and after pictures so you can later enjoy your creation.

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