How to use the Old Car Parts as Home Design

As we all know, car parts are greasy metal parts that cannot be used, but some of them can be made into exquisite home decorations. In today’s environment-conscious society, we need to use non-degradable materials as much as possible.

You will be surprised at the peculiar bells and whistles you can create with tires, headlights, suspension springs, etc.!

Together with Zemotor, we found seven parts of the car, when you need new furniture, you can modify them to save money.


Perhaps the most dangerous to the environment is the storage and use of spare tires. They not only pollute the air but also endanger health.

In addition to these huge risks, tires can also become environmentally friendly elements. The most obvious use is a lawn swing for children. For more decorative things, tires can also be turned into mirrors and painted. To match your wall decoration.

Coffee tables are often made on casters. If you add a horizontal surface to the edge of the living room, you will get a great table. When you lie down to watch a rugby game, there is nothing better than putting beer on the tires to keep it cold.

License Plates

Anyone can use license plates to make cool new items, including birdhouses. The design is completed by several panels that make up a box; then the curved license plate can be used as the roof of the top.

One of the easiest ways is to call back. Connecting the plate to the tree with rope is a great set of bells.


Although the hood is huge, it can be used for many purposes. First, its flat appearance makes the canopy ideal for sliding behind the bed and creating a streamlined headboard. This will appeal to every motorcyclist.

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Secondly, some contemporary art may need a hood. Some artists use the hood as a body when modeling metal animals such as frogs or insects.


There are many lanterns in every house, and headlights can be used as original substitutes for decorating any room.

Practical study lights or soft lighting in the corners of the living room have endless possibilities. With correct wiring and placement, car headlights can even be installed on the roof.

Car seat

The car seat is a great accessory for your living room or office. It is especially used for the popular TV show “Top Gear”. Furniture used for receiving guests and even unloading goods.

If you wish, the back seat can be used as a relaxing porch swing. Of course, this requires more settings than a sofa, but it should be a must-have for most gas lovers.

Spring hangers

Spring hangers are great decorations for two reasons: first, their universal shape means they can hold anything from books, folders to cards; second, these characters are the most common parts and relatively easy to find.

Alternatively, the spring can be used as a fancy lampshade. The spring lampshade is used in conjunction with the long bulb; this unusual lamp exudes a nice steampunk atmosphere.

Door handles

Doors are designed in a variety of ways, with unlimited creativity. The most obvious use of handles is to replace other handles in the house. Removing handles from bedroom doors, cabinets and drawers is a great way to expand the car home.

There are so many decommissioned vehicles and large areas of minor damage, there are many second-hand parts. Since cars are often hit from the side, there may be at least two door handles.

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