How to Upgrade Your Home from Drab to Luxurious

Transforming your home into a setting that’s more luxurious doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can be done with a few simple modifications. Creating a grander air of prestige in your living space will likely make you look more forward to coming home after a long day. Here are a few ways to upgrade your home from drab to luxurious.

Enhance Lighting

Your light fixtures and how the light shines in each room can add elegance to your home. Classic antique lamps can be placed on tabletops to add more sophistication to your setting. Dimmers can give certain areas of your home a warmer glow. Having a chandelier in your dining room can also add a further sense of luxury to your living space and impress your dinner guests.

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Replace Handles, Pulls and Doorknobs

Installing new handles, pulls and doorknobs can make your cabinets, drawers and doors around your home look brand-new and more refined. These replacements might be just what you need to avoid having to buy new cabinets, drawers and doors to give your home some extra sophistication. Some products are made with Swarovski crystals and other decorative features to enhance their elegance.

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Improve the Entranceway

Everything from large abodes to smaller luxury single family homes can be made more elegant by creating entranceways like you’d see at many first-rate hotels. A small table made of wood or marble can be placed at the entrance with a vase that includes a beautiful bouquet of real flowers. Mirrors on the walls at the entranceway can also make your home look grander and more inviting. Paintings or other artworks can add even more appeal to your home’s entrance.

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Apply New Stain to Wooden Furniture

Tables and chairs made of wood might have old stain on them that makes them appear lesser in quality. By stripping the old stain and applying a new finish, you can bring old furniture pieces back to life. Aerosol spray paint stripper often works well for stripping stain off of small furniture items. A scraper may be needed to remove old stain finish from larger furniture pieces. Once the old stain is removed, sand your furniture thoroughly before applying the new stain material.

Photo by Oak Furnitureland

You can give yourself the luxurious home that you deserve by making some simple changes. Even though turning your home from drab to fab can seem like an overwhelming project, enhancing the quality of your living space may be easier than you think.

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