How to turn Art into a Profitable Business

You’ve probably heard about them, the medieval troubadours travelling from town to town, performing poetry to crowds of bemused noblemen. Or perhaps you’ve read about the romantics painting vivid landscapes, wondering how they funded their endeavors?

Well, in the old days, money from the wealthy was vital, but we have come a long way since. The emergence of technology has democratized the art industry. Modern troubadours no longer trek up and down the country but simply broadcast from the comfort of their homes – and with e-commerce platforms, blogs, and social media, they don’t need noble patrons to do it.

Make a plan and set achievable goals

As an artist, it’s tempting to lose yourself to the creative process, but as with most things, being successful starts with a plan. What defines a full-time artist is not just their talent but also their ability to market their skills – especially online. Think of yourself as a brand: What defines your artistic style? Who would be interested in your product? Once you have narrowed down your offering, it’s easier to set goals, get creative and plan.

Choose the right platform to showcase your talents

The next step is to get your stunning creations into the world. Perhaps you’ve posted a few paintings on Instagram, or dipped into the world of blogging, hoping to get noticed by potential buyers. There is just one thing missing: an easy way for people to purchase your art. To fill in the gap, visit to explore the best software – from shopping platforms to savvy marketing tools. Read reviews from other businesses and pick what works for you.

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Grow your audience by being yourself

Having an art business on Shopify is all well and good, but if no one knows it exists, the adventure comes to an abrupt halt. Despite this, many artists are hesitant to market themselves – but here’s the secret: Being real is all it takes. Why? Because people are drawn to honesty. We want to relate to one another and by putting ourselves out there on a live stream and being yourself, a group of buyers can be turned into a thriving community. Not only does it give you a loyal audience, but it also enables you to explore new income streams.

Diversify your offering

But here’s the thing: Starting a business is hard work and there are no shortcuts. That’s why diversifying your income streams is a smart thing to do. If you make art prints aimed at home décor lovers, you may want to supplement with interior design tips? Or how about teaching fine art by putting together a great webinar? Regardless of the artistic field, the internet has truly revolutionized the traditional art world. Even those wanting to become a part of the traditional art world of galleries and exhibitions have more opportunities than before with online galleries and new auction methods. In short: Artists have never had so many options.

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