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How to Turn an Attic into a Luxury Hangout

Creating a lair of luxury is a wonderful way to convert attic space. This is an area that often gets used for storage or as an extra bedroom. Upgrading your attic into a cozy place is a fun project you can complete in your spare time. But before you begin converting your top floor into a luxury suite, there are some essential options to consider for your renovation.

Reviewing the Structural Reinforcement in Your Attic

Before you begin renovating, it’s best to hire an engineer to assess your home’s framing and foundation. This step is crucial if you intend to move heavy furniture and other large items into your attic, as the weight may impact the flooring. A professional may recommend adding reinforcements to the attic’s floor joists along with other options to strengthen your home.

Know Your Building and Safety Codes

While safety and building codes differ from one municipality to the next, you’ll want to make sure your renovation plans adhere to local standards before you start. At a minimum, your attic space should cover at least 70 square feet (with a width of seven feet), and measure seven feet in height for half of the space. From this point, check your region’s safety codes and building guidelines to ensure you incorporate them into your plan.

If you need a permit, you can check with your municipality to determine what you’ll need to process, the applicable fees, and other details. If you’ve recently moved to another city or town, there may be some changes in your current city or zone’s building codes. Once you’ve addressed all the requirements and the attic is structurally safe, you can get started!

Prepare Your Attic with a Spray Foam Insulation Kit

The top floor of your home is usually the most unstable when it comes to temperature. It’s either too hot in the summer or drafty during the winter. Spray foam insulation is a perfect way to maintain a climate-stable and comfortable space.

A spray foam insulation kit will cost you more than conventional fiberglass. However, it is more thorough, filling in all the smaller gaps and preventing wind and temperature changes from impacting your attic. It’s a worthwhile investment and will help you reduce energy savings in the long term.

Regulate the Temperature with a Thermostat

Installing a thermostat in your attic will provide better regulation of your top floor’s temperatures, making your luxury suite comfortable. There are various models on the market, but choosing a smart thermostat offers an easy way to monitor and control your room’s climate. They are easy to install and can provide significant cost savings for your home.

Installing an HVAC system is another excellent way to regulate the climate in your luxury hangout. Before you begin this process, you need to look at this guide to selecting the best HVAC system for you. There are a lot of great options that work well for newly renovated attics.

If you have large windows in your attic, you may want to inspect the caulking and frames to ensure there are no cracks or openings for unwanted drafts. Adorning your windows with draperies or window shades can provide additional winter and shade insulation during warmer months.

Selecting a Theme for your Luxury Hangout

Attics are usually bare and lack a sense of ambiance. Choosing décor for your space will be a fun and rewarding part of upgrading your upper level to a first-class den. You may want to consider faux wood panels and ceiling beams, which add warmth to the room. Consider adding a custom trim or artwork to create a personalized look, complete with a color scheme for furnishings and accessories.

Designing a theme for your attic often works best with lighter shades, which creates the illusion of a larger space. White or other neutrals are ideal for the walls and open the room to a broader range of possibilities with the option of decorations, artwork, and lighting. You can choose neutral tones for the panels or light-colored faux wood to create a fully rustic look.

Exposing Ceiling Beams, Skylights, and Major Renovations

Whether you’re looking to maximize sunlight with a skylight installation or expose the natural structural beams as a part of your design, you’ll want to decide on these essential items before moving forward. Skylights are an excellent way to enjoy the starry sky or enjoy the most natural light during the day. Most of these installations are available with remote control opening options.

If you’re considering installing a bathroom in the attic, you’ll want to consult with an engineer first to make sure the location and piping are available for this purpose. Make a note of any other significant changes you want to make and ask a professional about safety and availability before proceeding.

Furnishings and LED Lighting

Once you have the base of your luxury den established, you can add impressive furnishings and accessories to personalize your space. From decorative lighting and a minimalist bookshelf to large bean bags and a sofa with ample cushions, you’ll find a variety of furniture styles to match the purpose and aesthetic of your new room.

You can choose classic designs or something a bit more eclectic. LED lighting is an economical and energy-efficient way to provide enough brightness to your space without unnecessary heat or the need to replace bulbs. These bulbs easily last for five or more years, so you can reduce the costs for replacing and usage.

LED lights are available in various brightness levels, making them perfect for reading, crafting, or other relaxing activities. Recessed lighting works best in loft-style rooms, as this design doesn’t take up any room and provides excellent lighting for your space.

Vintage Items and Antiques

Do you have antiques stored in your basement or garage, tucked away until you find a use for them? Your luxury attic lounge is the perfect spot to showcase a few of these antiques or unique collectibles. If you have a small space, adding just a few items will do the trick.

While there is a lot you can do with limited space, if you want to include a few unique furnishings, select a few that will best suit the room. These items may consist of a vintage picture frame with one of your favorite prints or photos, a small coffee table or dresser, a mirror, or a vase with personality. Your converted attic will be a fantastic spot for playing vinyl records on your vintage turntable.

Minimalist Style as an Option

If you prefer to keep your space simple, this can enhance the tranquil nature of your converted attic. You can choose to decorate your space as a lounge, incorporating minimalistic ideas with practical uses, such as playing music, reading, writing, or watching television.

Make the Most of Your New Luxury Space!

Your attic is the ideal spot to expand your living space, especially when you’re looking for some solitude or creative inspiration. When you convert attic space, you’re expanding your living space and your quality of life. Your luxury hangout will offer a new space for personal expression and the perfect place to escape for some much-needed relaxation.

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