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How To Travel The World Safe on a Motorcycle

A lot of motorcycle enthusiasts have always dreamt of traveling the world with their two-wheeled vehicles. You’ll have to spend days or even weeks on the road just to go from one country to another, but it is possible.

The only question is the safety of the trip. If you are not one of those riders who are driving at 100 miles per hour or more, then traveling to a different country would not be dangerous.

If you are going around the world with your motorcycle, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that you will always stay safe on your journey.

Pick a Destination

You can’t just drive around without a target destination in mind. Before you do anything else, you should choose a destination. You can decide on all the destinations and routes that you are going to take before you leave or you can just decide on the next one when you get there.

A lot of things might change while you are on the road so you need to be flexible when it comes to your destination.

Prepare your Bike for the Long Journey

After preparing all of the things that you will bring for the trip, the next thing to consider is the preparation of your motorcycle. Yes, you have to prepare your motorcycle and you need to make sure that all of the important parts are in good condition before you go.

Here are some of the things that you need to do before you go on with your long journey:

Check the Tire Condition

The most important thing to check is the condition of your tires because it is also the part that usually breaks down while on the road. If you noticed that the tread is starting to wear down, replace it with a new one before you ride off.

If there are noticeable damages on the tires, replace it. You cannot bring spare tires with you since they would only add more weight.

Check the Belt or Chain

If you notice any damage to the belt or chain of your motorcycle, it is better to replace them immediately. The chain or belt might snap because of the long journey so it is better to use brand new parts.

Clean the Filters and Use Lubricants

Clean the filters of your motorcycle and use lubricants on all the moving parts. This would make sure that the moving parts would function smoothly while on the road.

Tune Up Your Engine

Your engine should in tip-top condition before you go on the trip. Doing a tune-up will tell you if there are problems on the engine as well as the other parts of your motorcycle. If you see any problems, you can fix it immediately and it won’t cause any accidents while you are on the road.

Follow Traffic Rules

You need to learn about the traffic rules in the country that you are going to visit. You have to know if the country has a motorcycle lane as well as the one-way roadways.

You need to strictly follow the traffic rules if you want to prevent accidents on the road. If you are unlucky and you got injured in another country, you need to have the contact number of a motorcycle accident lawyer, especially if other vehicles were involved in the accident.

You are in a different country and they have different laws concerning vehicular accidents. It is better if you can find a professional to help you out legally.

Think About the Budget

The money will always be an issue when it comes to traveling. Although you don’t need to pay for transportation, you will spend a lot of money on gas.

You need to consider the accommodation as well since you will spend more time on the road. You will have to rest during nighttime so you need to include the hotel cost. You need to have enough money for possible repairs just in case your motorcycle suddenly experienced problems while on the road. You need to bring enough money to pay for all of these costs so before you plan your trip, make sure that you already saved a sufficient amount of cash.

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