How to Transform a Cement Pad Into a Luxurious Patio

Cement pads in backyards are a fairly common sight. With the right vision, though, you can make your backyard’s cement pad into something much more than just a blank concrete canvas. Instead, you can have a luxurious patio that you and your family can enjoy throughout the year. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas of what to do with your empty cement pad, here are a few suggestions.

Add Some Shade

The problem with a cement pad is that it can get quite hot in the summer sun. That’s why the first order of business for any cement pad should be to add shade. You can add something permanent, like a gazebo, or something more portable, like a shade sail, to ensure that you and your guests don’t roast in the afternoon sun. To further lower the temperature on your new patio, you can add fans with misters around the pad’s perimeter.

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Add Some Lighting

Some of the most enjoyable times on a patio are often had after the sun goes down. To make use of your patio after dark, though, you’ll need some high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures. You can add different types of light fixtures to create different looks for different types of get-togethers.

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Trenching Cement and Cables

When it comes to making your cement pad look as luxurious as possible, you’ll want to bury anything that isn’t supposed to be the main view. For example, if you have lighting, you’ll have cables to go to a power source. The key when installing outdoor lighting is to hide the power cables as much as possible. One great way to do this is to use microtrenching equipment to bury the cables underground. The same could be done with a small sprinkler system for any potted plants that you don’t want to manually water every day.

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Add Fire

Another great way to continue enjoying your patio after the sun goes down is to install a fire pit on your patio. Although portable models made of metal will suffice, there are many other options available that are far more luxurious. Aside from using a wood-burning fire pit, you can opt for a gas-powered model so that you don’t have to deal with smoke and ashes. Another benefit of having a fire pit is that it extends the usable time of your patio into the colder months.

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Introduce a Water Feature

The relaxing sound of running water can help to transform an ordinary patio into something extraordinary. This means that you’ll need some type of water feature on or near your patio to make it as luxurious as possible. If you’re limited on space, you can opt for a simple pre-built water feature that you can place in a corner of the patio. For larger outdoor areas, though, you can install a custom-built pond with a waterfall to serve your need for a water feature.

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One Step at a Time

The great thing about transforming a cement pad into a patio is that you don’t have to do it all at once. Even small modifications can make a big difference in the enjoyment you can have in your backyard. Take the process one step at a time until you end up with the patio of your dreams.

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