How to spend quality time on The Seventh Continent

Australia is a big country rich with landscapes and diverse wildlife. Wherever you go in Australia, be sure that you can stumble upon many different and exciting events, sceneries and experiences. So, while roaming through the Seventh Continent, you might as well visit some of these attractions.

Big Cities

Even though the population is mostly concentrated in small regions of the central part of the continent, Australia’s biggest cities offer endless fun and interesting sights to see. The biggest cities you must visit are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, where you can visit national museums, galleries and get familiar with the history and culture of this country. For example, Sydney, the most popular Australian city, offers you numerous tourist landmarks, such as the Opera House, a mesmerizing harbour and beautiful bridges.

National Parks and Perks of Wildlife

When it comes to wildlife, Australia has it all. From deadly snakes and spiders to colourful birds, flowers and mountains, you can find all of them in national parks and sanctuaries. Queensland is filled with national parks, such as Noosa, Mapleton Falls and Conondale, where you can see the untouched nature filled with various species of animals and insects which are protected in their natural habitats. Also, in sanctuaries, diverse ecosystems are preserved, such as tropical savannah, rainforests, lagoons and many others. Once you see these beauties you will never want to leave Australia.

Festivals and Warner Bros Movie World

Each year, there are hundreds of festivals held in various cities in Australia. There are festivals for everyone’s taste and each one of them has their own perks. Arts and cultural festivals are filled with music, dance, theatre and many other events, and the best such festival is the Sydney Festival held in January. Also, there are various independent festivals, film, folk and jazz festivals, a festival for writers and many others. Regardless of the time of the year you choose to visit Australia, you will not miss out on the fun these festivals can offer you. To make your experience in Australia even more unique, on the Gold Coast in Queensland there is a Warner Bros Movie World where you can have the time of your life on various rides and attractions.


If you prefer lying on the beach, getting tanned and sipping cool drinks, then you should definitely spend your vacation on some of the finest Australian beaches. The most stunning beaches are Cable and Whitehaven Beach, with their turquoise waters and white sands. Whichever beach you choose, you will have some peace and quiet near the beautiful waters, and you can have fun doing various activities, such as diving, surfing and competing in beach volleyball tournaments.

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Even though Australian cuisine is more international-oriented, there are plenty of meals which they consider to be their own, traditional meals. When in Australia, make sure to try the nutty flavoured Witchetty grubs, crunchy Anzac biscuits, the “National Cake of Australia” Lamingtons, Pavlova and many other delicious treats. Also, you may try kangaroo meat which is immensely popular among tourists, and be prepared to a cuisine filled with meat and delicious dressings from berries and vegetables.

Relaxation Treatments

After all the adventures and adrenaline-pumping experiences you will need some peace and quiet in order to relax. Book relaxing treatments in some of the best wellness retreats in Australia, and surround yourself with the calming atmosphere, astonishing nature and clean fresh air, far from the noisy cities. Simply relax and enjoy various spa and wellness treatments and relaxing massages and refill your batteries for more adventures.


After the main continent, you should move on to some of the numerous islands. The most famous islands you need to visit are Tasmania, Melville, Kangaroo and New Year Island. On each island you can meet various endangered and dangerous wild animals, get a closer look to the Australia’s wildlife and flora, have different experiences and get in touch with the beauty of the Seventh Continent.

All these different attractions in Australia have their advantages and charm. Plan your vacation well, and you can even manage to visit them all during your time on this mesmerizing continent.

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