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How to Show Off Your Unique Personality in Your Home

Your home should be a reflection of how you think, feel, and what you love. If you love the outdoors and have a lifelong collection of rocks, shells, and feathers, you will need to show it off. If books are your thing, decorate with them. Build a decorating style around the things you want around you.

Make Neatness Easy

Cluttered isn’t an intended decor or style, but it’s really easy to fall into. Try to set up your space in such a way that a daily 15 minute tidy and 1 hour a week of cleaning will keep things in order.

Photo by Jeff Schlarb Design Studio

Skip the Minimalism

The minimalist trend is healthy if it helps you shed clutter, but a house with next to nothing in it is a cell. Instead, go for essentialism. If you love something, keep it! Use custom framing and shadow boxes to show off precious collectibles. Invest in a sturdy bookcase and show off your favorite reading material. If you have collectibles, park them on a shelf and add battery operated lights you can easily turn on to show off your favorite things.

Photo by Christopher Burns Interiors

Go For Comfort

If you’re only in your home long enough to keep it organized, clean it, and sleep, you’re not really getting a lot of value from it. How do you enjoy spending your leisure time? What are you doing when time flies by? If it’s enjoying the company of your friends, make a conversation pit and get some clever coffee cups, wine glasses, and snack plates. If you love snuggling in with a book, make sure you have a cozy couch, soft luxurious throws, and a lamp that works well for you.

Photo by Paul Craig Photography

Don’t Forget Plants

You may not be able to have a pet, but if plants can’t live in your space, neither can you. Cover the top shelf of a bookcase with a piece of glass, mirror, or plexiglass and set small plants on top of it. Give them soft music, a little fertilizer, and water as recommended. Freshen the air in your home and lift your spirits with just a couple of houseplants.

Photo by J. Kurtz Design

Don’t turn yourself inside out to follow any particular decorating trend. Consider your possessions and the items that you’ve always owned and loved. Put them to work in your space by showing them off. Invest in furniture that adds comfort and value to your leisure time. Treat yourself to plants and versatile lighting.

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