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How To Select The Best Kitchen Contractors For Your Remodeling Project

The kitchen is one of the shared spaces in a household where people do various chores and activities. This place is commonly used for food preparation, storage, and dining, though many families spend time in their breakfast nook or dining table for other purposes. For instance, people working from home may use it as a workstation, while others may entertain guests in the same space.

Because of its central role in the household, many homeowners invest in its improvement, especially when items begin to show age or wear. The average cost of a kitchen remodel starts around USD$25,000 or about USD$150 per square foot. As this is a significant investment towards home improvement, it’s only wise to enlist the help of certified professionals.

If you’d like to know how to select the best kitchen contractors for your remodeling project, continue reading this article.

Explore contractor companies in your area

When looking for a contractor, it’ll be wise to focus on companies in your area for the convenience and time efficiency it would entail. The transportation expenses incurred by the company will also be minimal if they’re based in the same location.

Aside from location, you’ll need to consider the work portfolio and specialties the contractor company offers. Those with extensive experience in kitchen renovations would have a solid track record of quality work while having the knowledge and skill set needed for the project.

Companies that specialize in kitchens, especially, may also have kitchen designers on their team, making it easier for them to accommodate special design requests. Plus, some builders may hire subcontractors to cover specific projects, while others have regular employees formally associated with the company.

Before hiring a contractor, it’s best to ask questions about the workers involved with the project and see if they have the expertise that will suit your project.

Check credentials and references

Contractors in the United States are required to have a license before taking on projects. Generally, a contractor must have a license before qualifying to take on a project worth USD$500 or higher. Other states may have specific requirements before a contractor can operate in the area.

However, the following states allow contractors to work on projects without a license:

Besides their license, contractors must have a certificate of insurance in good standing. You can also contact the insurance provider to confirm their coverage status.

Another credential to consider is professional association membership. Usually, well-established contractors join groups, such as the National Association of Home Builders, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and others. Being a member of these organizations establishes a company’s professional credibility, which guarantees the quality of services they offer.

Finally, you can ask for a list of references as well, including former clients, to gain insights into their work quality and service efficiency.

Create a shortlist

Once you’ve gathered enough information from several contractors, you can create a shortlist of those having the best credentials. This shortlist will help you focus on those you think will work best with your remodeling project, saving you time and effort. You can dedicate more time to communicating with each builder, and you’ll be able to go into details before making a decision.

Later on, you can refer to this shortlist and come up with at least three builders that will give you the best quality work, convenience, and value for money.

Compare work estimates and price quotes

Experts advise homeowners to get at least three work estimates from different companies for comparison. This way, you’ll have more than one option to consider and get a better idea of the costs and work scope.

Typically, the scope of work in a kitchen remodel project includes demolition, restoration or repair, and new build. Moreover, you can find contractors who provide custom design services, which is ideal if you want to give your space an upgraded look and style tailored to your preferences.

Apart from these, it’s essential to consider the modes of payment or if they offer alternative payment schemes. You can also take advantage of special packages or promotions, if any, and calculate the savings they would entail should you decide to avail of their services.


You may come across many contractors who offer kitchen renovation services in your area. While the options may seem overwhelming initially, you can hire one that would give you an excellent deal: time efficiency, convenience, safety, and quality workmanship. With sufficient time, resources, and patience, you’ll find a kitchen contractor that meets your project requirements.

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