How to Properly Maintain Your Pool All Year Long

As seasons change, you need to take special precautions for your pool to ensure it remains in an optimal condition. Caring for your pool is not as easy as covering it during the winter season and not thinking about it until summer comes.

To keep your pool in top condition all year round, whether you’re using it or not, it requires regular upkeep and care regardless of the season. If you don’t properly maintain your pool throughout, its lifespan will shorten drastically, and it will be rendered useless within no time. Here are the tips to help you keep your pool in perfect condition all year round.

Regularly Service the Heater

Your pool’s heater needs as much maintenance as the other pool equipment. Along the year, calcium scales can accumulate inside the tubes of your heater, thus restricting flow and preventing water from heating. Before you start serving your heater, it’s necessary to read its manual to avoid damaging it. You can also contact a pool heater service personnel to eliminate any risk of damage.

Check and Maintain Water Levels

Your pool’s water levels are likely to drop or rise throughout the seasons. For instance, during summer, the levels can drop due to evaporation and extended pool activities like swimming and diving. Allowing the water levels in your pool to drop or rise can impact the chemical balance in the water. Also, if your water levels are not maintained at the appropriate level, it can cause your filters and skimmers to have a harder time keeping your pool clean. During winter, you can consider a little water out of your pool so that the water line falls a few inches from below the pool skimmer to prevent freezing which can damage the pumps.

Cover Your Pool

Even if you keep up with cleaning your pool and servicing the equipment, investing in a pool cover is another hack to maintain your pool all year long correctly. It helps keep twigs, leaves, sand, and dead bugs from getting into your pool, which could damage parts like pumps and filters. Also, you slow down evaporation by covering your pool, thus maintaining your pool’s water levels for an extended period.

Clean Your Pool

Regularly cleaning your pool is another top secret to maintaining and having a perfect pool throughout the year. It involves skimming debris and scrubbing the sides of the pool with a brush to ensure that they look great. The frequency at which your clean your pool depends on how often you use it. For instance, during summer and fall, you should clean your pool at least once or twice a week due to increased usage, while during winter, you can clean once after every two weeks. Other signals that notify you that your pool needs cleaning include foul odor and a clogged drain.

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Supercholorinate the Water

Organic contaminants like nitrogen and ammonia are likely to build up over time in your pool. These contaminants can interact with the pool’s chlorine to form chloramines responsible for foul odor from your pool. Regularly checking the chlorine levels in your pool throughout the year will help to do away with these bad odors. You should also remember to add other chemicals like algaecide, which will help prevent algae growth in your pool in warmer winter and early spring days.

Keep an Eye on the Water Chemistry

As a pool owner, you should prioritize maintaining the water chemistry throughout the seasons. This is because having improved water chemistry can cause damages to pool equipment, pool surfaces, pool decks, and bathers. Have your pool water tested at least once in two weeks and adjustments appropriately.

Have your Pool Checked by a Professional Regularly

While you can do a lot on your own to ensure that your pool is well maintained throughout the seasons, nothing beats professional servicing. That’s why it’s a good idea to get professional servicing at least once every season. Professionals can maintain your pool in ways beyond your capabilities. Plus, they are excellent at checking pool equipment and parts like pumps, filters, and heating systems. They are also trained to ensure that all parts of your pool are functioning, which can help you prolong its life.


By using the pool maintenance hacks highlighted above, you’ll ensure that your swimming pool always remains in perfect condition and doesn’t have any huge problems all along the year. This will give you and your loved ones plenty of enjoyment while avoiding huge repair costs.

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