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How to Prepare for Large Landscaping Projects This Summer

Everyone looks forward to summer, probably because of the warmth and the outdoor activities. It’s the best time to work on a long-term project that’s likely to yield results. Those who believe that the early bird catches the worm prefer making plans just before summer approaches. Summer falls just after spring, and this is the best time to make plans on how you’ll prepare your land to ensure it’s still productive. You’re likely wondering how you can achieve this. Find out how.

Add Fresh Mulch

Mulching is vital in land preparation since it adds nutrients to the soil. If your land has shredded leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, and compost, you can consider mixing them up with the ground. Mulching protects plants from heat and reduces excessive water loss from the soil surface. This gives you an easier time since it prevents weeds from growing.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Plants differ; some can survive hot and warm temperatures, while others can’t. Summer is the best time to plant trees and shrubs since their roots grow fast during this period. With extra care, trees and shrubs can grow and reduce energy intake during the hot summer months. If your skin is easily irritated by the sun, you might consider planting trees to provide shade.

Pick up Some Organic Fertilizer

During summer, excessive heat can cause discoloration of plants. It’s essential to fertilize your land before summer approaches to having healthy plants. Do a soil test first to determine which minerals are lacking so that you can add them. Organic fertilizer has the advantage of improving the soil texture and aeration. It holds many sources such as animal waste, minerals, and sewage sludge. This revamps soil fertility and ensures the protection of natural resources.

Apply Moisture Control

Investing in moisture control products will ensure that your plants are healthy. There are different types of products to retain some wetness needed in breaking down some nutrients from fertilizers.

Prepare the Land

Before summer approaches, eliminate all the unnecessary vegetation in your turf. If you have a large piece of land, you need some rigging services to help you with equipment to use.

Preparing land for summer is not an easy task. You have to dedicate your time and money to ensure that your landscape is productive. Taking the necessary procedures will capitulate better results.

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