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How to Prep Your Home for a Comfy and Pleasant Winter

The winter winds will be blowing soon, and there’s nothing like spending a blustering day in the comfort of your home. Getting your house ready for winter helps you to avoid those little surprises that come with the changing of the seasons. You’ll also look forward to spending more time with your family and friends when you know that your house is set up to keep everyone comfortable.

Check the Windows and Doors for Drafts

Spring and summer storms can wreak havoc on the weather-stripping around windows and doors. Feel around the edges of each one in your house to see if you feel a draft. You can also check for signs of damage such as holes or missing chunks of the material. Caulking around the windows and doors or adding new weather-stripping can stop winter winds from coming inside.

Add an Extra Touch of Warmth

There is something magical about watching the flickering flames of a fire while you are spending the day indoors. A gas fireplace comes with all of the beauty of a fire with none of the hassle. Installing one now gives you a way to add an instant sense of warmth and peacefulness to your home. You can then add a few candles to the end tables and some soft lighting to transform your living space into one that makes you want to settle in for a good movie or some board games with your family.

Reverse the Fans

Many homeowners are unaware that fans often come with a reverse setting. When you set your fans to rotate in the opposite direction, the blades help to push the cold air up and bring the warm air down. This only takes a few seconds, and you’ll notice a difference in how well your home stays heated.

Put out Thick and Cozy Blankets

Once you’ve done all of the home maintenance, you’re ready to start decorating. Winter home decorations should be all about warmth, and thick, fluffy blankets are beautiful and functional. Consider tossing one over your favorite reading chair, or you can roll a few lighter weight blankets up and set them in a basket for guests to grab as you enjoy a winter evening chat.

As you get ready for the winter season, spend some time thinking about what you could do to make this year feel extra special. From decorating the mantle to reflect the season’s merriness to tossing your favorite throw blanket on the couch, you’ve got tons of ways to make your home feel like a cozy winter getaway.

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