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How To Pick The Right Finish For A Granite Worktop

Granite is available in several colours and patterns. But choosing the right colour and design is not enough to create an aesthetic kitchen interior. You also need to think about the right finish for your granite countertop as well as your kitchen style.

Instead, you must decide the finish of granite worktops even before buying the material. But choosing the right finish is not an easy task. You need to consider the following factors when picking the right finish for your granite countertop:

Think about traffic in your kitchen

Will your black granite kitchen worktops bear significant traffic and use? If so, it’s best to consider the polished granite because it requires less maintenance and can easily resist stains. Honed finish, on the other hand, requires regular maintenance, cleaning and sealing. So, it must be considered only for low traffic areas in your kitchen.

Photo by Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction

Cost and availability of different finishes

For many homeowners, the price and availability of different finishes matter the most. Since polished finishes are more popular, they are likely to be in stock. On the other hand, honed finishes are now becoming popular and thus, are frequently available in some stores. Except for these two finishes, the different finish may or may not be available. So, you have to consider timeliness when choosing unique finishes.

Photo by Studio Dearborn

If we talk about pricing, the polished granite surface is less expensive compared to brushed or honed finish because it needs less grinding compared to the other two finishes. Moreover, the polished surface is readily available in the market and hence, not too pricey.

Sophisticated or Understated Look?

Next, you need to consider what type of look you prefer – sophisticated or subtle. If you like a modern and elegant look, polished granite worktops are ideal for you. Polished black granite kitchen worktops appear classy and enhance the true beauty of this natural stone.

Photo by Icon Interiors Ltd

But if you adore the understated and subtle look, you need to consider honed finish for a contemporary aesthetic. The honed or leather granite finishes are gaining popularity due to their non-flashy yet stunning appearance that many modern homeowners prefer today.

Photo by Jules Duffy Designs

If you want to add a rugged, industrial vibe to your granite countertops, you must consider the brushed finish. This finish is usually more popular for outdoor kitchens, bars and home offices.

Consider adding a colour enhancing sealer

When selecting a finish, you also need to consider adding a colour enhancing sealer. This sealer is used to restore the natural colour of a stone without impacting the finish.

Photo by Astrum Granite

Usually, for a polished finish, this sealer is not required, as these surfaces already have more pronounced hues and shine. But the honed finish often takes away the natural tone and depth of a countertop surface, making the surface appear lighter than it is. But if you want to enhance the appearance of the worktop and make it restore its natural bright colour, you may choose a good quality colour, enhancing sealer for it.

Making the final decision

Here are the four standard finishes available for granite countertops and you can choose them based on the factors mentioned above and other lifestyle factors given below:

Polished Granite Finish

A polished granite surface has more prominent colours and veining patterns, which enhances the natural characteristics of a stone. The finish is a good option for busy kitchens, as it’s the least porous. Hence, homes with kids or homeowners who are prone to spillage must consider this finish. Moreover, it adds luxurious, rich aesthetics to the kitchen interior. But one downside to this finish is that it also enhances the dirt and flaws if not cleaned properly. So you may choose black granite kitchen worktops to conceal the imperfections.

Photo by A-Design By Gustavo Arredondo, Inc.

Honed Granite Finish

Manufacturers use abrasives and grinding equipment to create a honed finish. This finish leaves a satin or matte surface that’s NOT reflective or shiny. The best thing about the honed or matte finish is that it cuts down on glare, as well as masks the imperfections. However, it is slightly porous compared to the polish finish. Hence, it requires a little more maintenance.


Leather Granite Finish

This finish is created on a granite surface using diamond-tipped brushes. This finish alters the natural stone by giving it a textured feel of leather. When combined with a polished finish, it becomes less porous and also enhances the natural hue and pattern of granite. It doesn’t need any extra maintenance or care and hence.

Photo by cab-i-net Design & Remodel Specialists

Brushed Granite Finish

This finish is created by using gentle brush strokes until it becomes textured and looks worn-in. Due to the brushing process, the granite worktops become porous compared to a polished finish. This finish can also stain if not sealed or maintained correctly.

Photo by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

No matter which finishes you pick, you need to ensure you check the available samples in real-time before making the buying decision.

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