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How To Pick the Perfect Artwork for your Interior Design Style

When cultivating your living space, decorating is always exciting. The idea of picking out decorative pieces such as ornaments, photographs and paintings. But how do you exactly pick the best artworks for your space?

The idea of an interior design style is an important aspect to consider. It allows consistency and a more put together look for your home. There are numerous interior styles, but we will shine a light on those that are trending today. Victory Art has an entire section on our website dedicated to interior design styles. We host paintings, drawings, and photographs all on our platform making it the perfect one stop (online) shop for you.  Through this article discover what your interior design style is, and the perfect artworks to match your aesthetic.


According to research, the bohemian interior design style is defined by lack of structure. This aesthetic sets it apart as it allows an individual to display their personal desires for an interior without considering the desires of others. The style has close ties to the 70’s hippie fashion. Neutral and warm hues, retro patterns as well as a pop of cool colours such as blue or green all contribute to the Bohemian interior style.

The perfect piece for a bohemian aesthetic:

“I’m Flying” by Yuri Gudkov

“Mystery Scene” by Yvonne Vacha


A chic interior is classified by elegance, fashion, and trends. There are multiple versions of the chic interior design style, it is described as “practically any style with a casual understated look that is still fresh and modern”. Chic interior design is much more sophisticated than the bohemian aesthetic, with matching colours, patterns, and furniture.

Trying to make your interior more chic? Check out these paintings that showcase just that!

“Romance 3” by Milena Gaytandzhieva

“Lost in the Mind” by Agnieszka Tomczuk


The glam interior design style consists of a blend of luxurious fabrics with a glittering or metallic lustre. Individuals with this choice of style incorporate extravagant ornaments and shiny pieces to create a bold and sophisticated interior.

Introduce these glam pieces of art into your home for an elevated, elegant look:

“My Little Earth Planet” by Andrea Ehret

“Rain” by Zuzana Vlčkovà

For more glam inspiration check out Victory Arts 24k Feeling’s gold collection here!


The industrial interior design style is greatly influenced by the look of industrial sites, namely warehouses and factories. The style consists of open spaces, second hand or antique furniture as well as the use of brick, metal, and concrete. Industrial interiors give spaces an “unfinished look” due to the use of raw materials in the design of the space.

opt for a more laidback look for your space with these industrial style paintings:

“Coincidence no 1” by Alexandea Mikáczó

“Touch” by Gamid Ibadullayev


The rustic interior design style is described as a rough, casual, and aged look. Earthy and neutral tones are used as well as classic furniture. Materials used are mostly raw wood or brick. The interior style creates a more natural look and feel for a space.

Same relaxing nature into your home?

Incorporate these rustic paintings into your home decor:

“Woman” by Anna Evans

“Tree Bark” by Yulia Paliy

Minimalistic and Modern

Minimalistic and modern interior design styles go hand in hand. The looks are simplistic and make use of essential pieces of furniture and clean lines to give a clean, fresh look. The design style makes use of a monochromatic colour scheme sometimes accompanied by an alternative colour that may be used as an accent. These styles create a more relaxed and calming living space due to the lack of clutter.

Create a calming environment in your living space or office with these minimalistic, modern pieces of art:

“Corners No 9” by Alexandra Mikáczó

“Circle 3” Leila Kolkpová


Scandinavian interior design style is almost identical to the minimalistic and modern styles. It makes use of soft tones with pops of colour and puts emphasis on simple furnishing and uniformity. The style creates a cosy, clean and functional space. Similar to the minimalistic aesthetic, the lack of clutter is aesthetically pleasing for most and creates a peaceful environment.

Interested in creating a fresher look for your space? Check out these pieces from Victory Art:

“Frequencies” by Dávid Hocko

“I Am The Water” by Joanna Knaiz-Hawrot

Discover more fabulous paintings, drawings, and photographs at Victory Arts online shop.

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