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How To Pick Accent Pieces For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is not just a place for cooking. It’s a place for creativity too. In the kitchen, you can exhaust your penchant for experimentation beyond the dishes you cook. Another way to explore your, well, taste, is with how your kitchen looks.

Sure, your kitchen should be a space of utility. But it won’t hurt if it’s pretty as well. That’s the best recipe for how your kitchen should be. Every time you walk into it, you’ll be more inspired to whip up something special. Here’s how to pull that off.

Think about functionality and aesthetics.

Take a cue from Marie Kondo. Declutter your kitchen until what’s left are things that serve a purpose. Ideally, they spark joy when you hold them.

Next, add stuff that’s not just functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. Use the space you saved from your removed objects for the new arrivals. This might be going against the KonMari method but that’s okay.

Photo by Palette Pro Painting & Renovation

The next time you shop for kitchen thingamabobs, always consider functionality and aesthetics. One should not be prioritized over the other. Remember that form and function can exist in an object simultaneously.

Experiment with unique shapes for kitchen decor.

Think outside the box. It’s time you make your kitchen more interesting. One way to do that is by choosing kitchen decor in unusual shapes. For example, it’s time you retire your circular kitchen clock. Why not replace it with one shaped like a fish? Or an avocado, if you’re vegan.

Photo by Atlas Moran Construction

Next, zero in on what’s on your kitchen island. Retire your old boring bowl and consider replacing it with one shaped like a hand with fingers ready to cradle fresh harvest or something to that effect. Here, the goal is to give your kitchen a little personality via quirky shapes.

Display your ingredients in stylish containers.

While containers’ main purpose is to, well, contain stuff, there’s no rule that says they can’t be pleasing to the eye. In fact, they should be pleasing to the eye because they’re exposed, compared to the stuff they contain, which are hidden.

Photo by Dovetail Renovation, Inc.

So go out to the nearest home depot and shop for stylish containers. Consider mason jars for your condiments. Those will look good on your kitchen counter. You can also explore kitchen canisters made of clay and porcelain. Or a spice rack that captures your vibe perfectly.

Pick kitchen appliances in a standout color.

Most kitchen appliances you see are either black, grey or white. That’s acceptable if you want your kitchen to look dull. But if you prefer a kitchen that’s vibrant, the easiest way to do that is by putting colorful appliances in it.

Consider a green fridge. Or a red microwave oven. A yellow coffee maker, perhaps?

Photo by Radiant Homes

If you feel like introducing colorful appliances into your kitchen is taking it too far, at least use colors for cups and plates and whatnot. Those can offset the lack of color in the space should you decide to stick with tradition for your bigger and more obvious appliances.

Have a mini kitchen herb garden.

If you have a kitchen window with access to direct sunlight, maximize the surface therein by nurturing a mini herb garden. You can have parsley, basil, rosemary, and thyme in small pretty pots.

Photo by Portico Design Group

The garden will not just be pretty to look at. It’s quite useful too when you need fresh herbs for your cooking.

Get proper lighting.

In the morning, natural light is enough. But when it’s nighttime, your kitchen better be lit. You will be surprised with how transformative proper lighting is. The rule of thumb is to opt for soft or warm lighting. You can’t go wrong with pendant lights.

Photo by Archetype Architecture

Ideally, everything in your kitchen should be functional—but functional does not have to mean boring! You can make your kitchen look great without breaking the bank. Follow the recommendations listed above and upgrade your kitchen into a space you wouldn’t mind spending most of your time in.

Author Bio

Mykie Concepcion is a marketing professional from Smeg Philippines, an Italian kitchen appliance brand. In her free time, she enjoys channeling her creativity through writing about home and lifestyle.

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