How To Maximize Your Home Value With a New, Fresh Exterior Design

Your home’s curb value is determined by one thing and one thing only: the first impression of the buyer. If you’d like to understand the fine art of increasing home value, think about how you’d feel as you walked up the sidewalk towards a house you might end up buying.

The first thing you notice is the home exterior. Now, consider the difference between an attractive, orderly, clean, and modern exterior — and house whose gutters are falling off and whose driveway is home to a pile of used tires.

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If you’d like to increase your home’s resale value, you need to seize the buyer’s attention right off the bat with a beautiful, clean, and neat exterior. If you maintain your house’s exterior well, you can expect an annual increase in home value. Sweat equity put in here invariably translates into increased home value. Best of all, improving your home’s exterior is also less expensive than you might think (especially when considered in terms of return on investment).

Many of these projects people can do by themselves, though some will need the help of a properly qualified contractor such as Chase Construction North West. In either case, however, recouping the cost is easy — they’ll increase your home’s value without (in most cases) making a major dent in your budget.

Tidy Up Your Yard

Spend a few hours in your yard every week and you’re guaranteed to recoup the cost, since you won’t have to spend more than the price of some garbage bags. Unfortunately many homeowners fail to realize that junk outside your house produces an instant negative impression. Remove the clutter and rake the leaves, and — of course — get rid of any old boats, cars, trash, building materials, and the like. Clean your outdoor furniture, adding new cushions where appropriate.

Maintaining or upgrading your landscaping is the next step. Trim your shrubs and hedges, mow your lawn, and definitely pull any weeds. This will make potential buyers feel vastly more comfortable visiting your property, increasing market value. If your property needs more than a simple trim, consult a good landscaper to plan out and implement a makeover. But, remember even adding some potted plants is enough to boost curb appeal.

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Fix and Update Your Gutters

Gutters are crucial to your roof’s structural integrity and also a way to enhance your home’s look. Any old, cracked, or hanging gutters represent a red flag to potential buyers, so inspect yours and replace them in the event they look damaged or old. Upgrading them to upscale materials is also a good way to add value to your home.

Replace Door Hardware — Or Your Doors

A simple renovation, like new exterior door handles, can produce a surprising boost in home value. Your front door handle is your most important accent. Buyers don’t want to enter homes with a tarnished or old door handle, and replacing a door lock or door handle is much cheaper than replacing the door. Of course, replacing or repainting a door is even more effective.

To really boost the appraisal value of your home and give it a distinctive look, replace the old and dated garage door with new one. After all, the garage door represents more than 30% of your home’s exterior. A new one can cost much less than you think and replacing it significantly modernizes your home’s exterior.

Look For The Little Details That Make A Big Difference

Small details often make or break a sale. You can add a new mailbox, bring your exterior light fixtures up to date, build a shed, or even add an awning. A fresh coat of paint takes a little work but it’s much less expensive than siding — and you can often do it yourself, provided you do the right preparation. Fresh paint simply makes your home “pop” in value.

Improve The Roof For A Significant Value Boost

Any home buyer is very wary of having to make an expensive repair, so your roof can either increase your home’s value — or decrease, it a lot. Home buyers usually check the roof’s condition first, so consider having a professional roofer assess your roof’s condition. (This is particularly key if it’s more than 15 years old.) Any cracked or missing roof shingles tend to scare potential buyers. While it’s true that new roofs represent a big-ticket improvement, you can easily recoup 60% of the cost or more when selling. In particular, going with new shingles or a new type of (more upscale) roof may change the whole look of your house.

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