How to Maximize Built-In Storage in a Small Bathroom

Not everyone lives in an expansive mansion. Most people, whether they live in a house or apartment, have to make do with much less space. One room that may be lacking space in most homes is the bathroom. However, despite that, there are probably many things you need to store in that room. With that in mind, here are some tips for maximizing built-in storage in your small bathroom.

Use Corner Storage

In a small bathroom, you need to consider every part of the space you can as an opportunity for adding storage. Corners are one part of a bathroom that is sometimes overlooked. You can add shelving, cabinets or even install your vanity in the corner.

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Choose Drawers over Doors

In regards to the vanity and other storage installations, give a strong preference to adding drawers as opposed to doors. Drawers allow you to use more of the space for storing smaller items in larger quantities. Drawers are easy to access and a very efficient storage option. Doors in a cabinet or vanity, however, swing out and may not be able to be placed in the best locations in a cramped bathroom.

Photo by Diane Burcz Interiors

Use the Mirror as a Cabinet

With a small bathroom, you only have so many options with what to do with wall space. However, if you combine certain items, you can save space without removing the utility you get from extra storage. The mirror of your vanity, for example, shouldn’t only be a mirror. The mirror, itself, could swing open as a door for a cabinet where you keep things like toiletries and medical supplies. Getting custom cabinetry will ensure that you will maximize your storage space and reduce the amount of visible sink clutter.

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Consider a Floating Sink

One option you may want to consider to help conserve space is choosing a floating sink over a more traditional design. With a floating sink, none of the plumbing is under the sink itself. This can give you the much needed space for extra storage options.

Photo by Moss Yaw Design studio

Use Hanging Storage

Another option you should give some consideration is implementing hanging storage to increase your ability to store what you need in a cramped bathroom. All you need to install in most cases is a few hooks. Certain kinds of storage hangers don’t even need to be drilled into the wall. They simply stick onto surfaces like glue.

Photo by Lenton Company, Inc.

Overall, just because your bathroom is small does not mean you don’t have space to store what you need. Try rethinking the components and layout of your bathroom. You may discover you actually had more space to work with than you first assumed.

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