How To Make Your Zoom Hangouts More Interesting

Social distancing has changed the way we think about hanging out with our friends. Because of the global health crisis, many people are choosing to stay home, however, it is still important to interact with our loved ones. Zoom meetings have become a popular tool to connect with others. While video chat may sound boring, there are several ways you can spice things up.

Trivia Night

Trivia games don’t require a lot of physical interaction. In fact, many trivia-based board games don’t require you to be in the same room to play. One of the easiest ways to do trivia night is to select a host. The host will be in charge of finding trivia questions online and keeping score. You can pair your friends up into teams or play as single players.

Themed Wine Tasting Nights

Since you can’t go out to a wine tasting, find a way to bring it right to your home. One way is to have each participant order the same white wine gift baskets. Once they arrive, everyone can unbox their gift basket together and try each wine at the same time. This can be a great way to recreate a night out while practicing social distancing. To spice it up even further, select a theme for your wine tasting night and require everyone to dress accordingly.

Host a Virtual Game Night

There are thousands of virtual games online that anyone can play. Browse the internet for games like Bingo or Pictionary that allow you to play with friends online. You should be able to connect to the same server as your friends. While you play, have the zoom meeting on your screen so that game night still feels personable.

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Movie Night

Find a streaming service that you and all your friends have or rent a movie to watch together. While you will each need a device to stream the movie to and a separate one for the Zoom call, this can be a great way to catch up and recreate one of your regular gatherings.

Utilize Zoom Backgrounds

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to spice up your Zoom meeting. Adding a virtual background to your call doesn’t just give you a backdrop to hide your messy house, it can be a great way to show off your sense of style. You can select anything you like as a background and this allows things to get interesting!

Take a Virtual Tour

Did your group trip get cancelled or postponed? Try finding a virtual tour online and viewing it with your friends! You can find virtual tours of many popular travel destinations and exotic locations. Much like theme nights, you can plan to have food or drinks delivered that help make the virtual tour seem a little more authentic. You can also easily dress as if you were going on the tour in real life. These small details can help recreate your vacation while you social distance.

There are several ways to make Zoom calls more interesting. Try playing with different ideas each week to keep things fresh and fun.

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