How to Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Looking for ways to enlarge your bathroom space without burning a hole in the pocket? You have come to the right place. In this article, we list down 5 tips that will effectively make your bathroom bigger just by making small changes, here and there.

1. Big Mirrors Make the Bathroom Appear Bigger

One of the simplest techniques for making your bathroom appear big is through installing seal bathroom mirrors. Besides reflecting more space in the bathroom, mirrors reflect more light in the room due to which it appears bigger and brighter. If your bathroom already has a mirror, swap it with a bigger one. Always go for mirrors that have a tarnish-resistant coating. The coating protects the mirror against extreme moisture conditions.

2. Declutter is the Key

However cute the bunny stand or a panda rug might look, it will make your bathroom appear smaller than it actually is. The visual appeal of these artistic articles comes at a price- the space. Whenever choosing an article for your bathroom, always assess its functional value. If it is not adding any value to your life, ditch it. Instead of making your bathroom look nice, decor items can unnecessarily cram it.

3. Avoid Color Contrasts: Add Harmony

Sharp contrasts in design and color can make your bathroom look considerably small. The accessories, as well as the paint of your bathroom, should fit the same style or mood. Each distinct piece should belong together in some or another way. This harmony will make the bathroom look more aligned and spacious. As for the paint, go for a light shade such as creme, light pink, or light yellow.

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4. More Light-More Space

As much as possible, allow room for natural light in the bathroom. There are two benefits of the same. First, your bathroom will look brighter and hence more spacious. Additionally, the natural light will cut down your electricity bill considerably as the bathroom is one thing that is used very frequently throughout the day. To allow maximum light, keep the windows big. To ensure privacy, use frosted privacy glass instead of ordinary ones.

5. Symmetry in Style and Material

Using different materials throughout the bathroom can make it look very disturbed and crammed. For instance, if your bathroom floor is made up of marble, a wainscot of glass mosaic, andceramic tile in the shower, you certainly need to revamp the entire thing. Getting similar material and design can tone down the visual noise and make your bathroom appear very spacious.

Your Takeaway

With these five tips, you can definitely make your bathroom bigger without actually extending the space physically. These tips are mostly easy to follow and will have a considerable effect. So what are you waiting for now? Get started already.

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