How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Wallpapers are a trendy subject in 2021 mainly because of the plethora of options they bring to the table. The modern chic design of the many wallpapers that we have seen so far has proved how beautiful and aesthetic they can look. Even with the high popularity of wallpapers in 2021, seeing wallpapers used in a powder room is rare.

However, it is interesting that people would opt to get wallpaper for their bathroom and showers yet not think of the best place where the wallpapers tend to shine. The powder room makes for an ideal place for wallpapers. The reason is that most powder rooms are void of moisture, and even if there’s moisture, the amount is negligible. Wallpapers shine in smaller areas where the focus is sometimes unadjusted as to why wallpapers in powder rooms can help create a fascinating contrast.

The Usefulness of Wallpapers in the Powder room

Powder rooms are areas where the ladies visit to retouch their makeup. It is also commonly used as a guest bathroom. Also, typically, guests who do not want to go upstairs to use the main bathroom, hence the powder room use. Whatever the case, maybe powder rooms are areas of lower moisture than other bathroom areas and are a specific corner ideal for decoration. You will commonly see a big mirror in the powder room, and that mirror is highly decorative in most cases. The use of wallpaper, in this case, will help highly accentuate the space.

The removable wallpapers available these days allow you to easily install them and take them out at your convenience, which protects your expensive walls. Wallpapers are also resistant to water unless it’s water vapor or humidity, increasing the chances of protecting the beautiful walls.

Also, since they leave no residue, you can change the wallpapers at your wish to change the powder room’s aesthetic nature. This allows you to experiment and keep things fresh with minimum consequence.

The Visual Illusion of wallpapers in the powder room

One of the primary reasons that wallpapers shine in smaller spaces is that they make the smaller spaces seem bigger. The visual illusion is a commonly used tactic employed by the top professionals to make a space look much more spacious and splendid than they actually are. Like how mirrors in smaller spaces make the area look much bigger with the illusion of reflection, wallpapers with varied shades create a negative space that makes a space look extra spacious.

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Powder wallpapers with bold graphics and perspective images can help you achieve the bigger room feel; however abstract deconstructed patterns can allow for a similar vibe. The conditions change significantly per person and what kind of powder room that they have. Experimenting is advised as well as going through different magazines that include wallpapers as a designing tool.

How to utilize wallpaper to make a room appear bigger

For a powder room wallpaper, use wallpapers with geometric abstractions, graphics, abstract design, and perspective. Floral wallpapers can also work if you choose the right color combination with your powder room. Do note that too high contrast can work against you, and as such, we advise you not to pick a piece of wallpaper that contrasts too high with your room color and design choices.

Another great way to create the illusion is using both wallpaper and accent mirrors. Since mirrors are well known to create the illusion of additional space, when you add them to a good wallpaper choice, the effect becomes much stronger.

Pattern designs, deconstructed patterns, and lighter wallpapers can be good options if you are willing to cover a specific portion of the powder room with wallpaper. If you are covering a big portion, something darker will be the better option. If your bathroom itself has a lighter shade, stick to the light shades when getting wallpaper and make sure it has some form of perspective to it.

When you are using strong graphics with wallpapers, you do not want to opt for realistic graphics of plants and flowers. You want to use the strong abstract graphical illustration of perspective-based wallpapers. These are somewhat rare but manageable if you look hard enough. If your bathroom has a very high humidity level and it stretches the effects on to the powder room, then try to find the thicker wallpapers that are designed specifically for use in the bathroom.


If you are overwhelmed by many of the options and recommendations, start with the wallpaper pick. Look around your powder room, choose a wallpaper that appeals to you the most, and then contact a specialist who will help you decorate the powder room with maximum efficiency. However, professional help is rarely ever needed when it comes to the implementation of removable wallpaper.

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