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How to Make Your Own Scented Candles for Summer

Summer is a warm and happy season that you are likely already enjoying with outdoor activities and evening fun. It’s also a time to learn new hobbies and create new interests. Incorporating your love for this warm and happy season into your new hobby is a great way to merge the two. If you are looking into starting to make candles, here’s how to get started with a few summery scents to add to your collection.

Starting Ingredients

Before starting the process you need to gather all of the candle making supplies for this fun project. For basics you will need wax, candle wicks, fragrances or oils to add in, a double boiler for making the candle, a thermometer, and some sort of container to put your candle in that can handle the heat of melted wax.

There are a few main options to get started with your wax. Paraffin has traditionally been used in candles for hundreds of years and is easy to find in craft stores. You may also want to consider using soy wax, which often does a better job at retaining color and scents. Beeswax is also becoming more readily available if you want a more natural smell with your candle. However, it can be difficult to add additional complimentary scents to beeswax.

The Process

Once you’ve collected all of the ingredients to make your summer scented candles, you can start making them. First, prepare your work area. Use wax paper to put your tools on so that they don’t cool and stick to your countertop or other work surface.

Next, heat your double boiler to melt your wax in. As your wax melts, use a metal spatula or wooden spoon to help the larger chunks melt down. Check the temperature as you work to ensure it doesn’t get too hot. You don’t want your wax to be boiling, just hot enough to melt.

As the wax is melting you can adhere your candle wick to the container you are using. Use super glue or another type of strong glue to stick the metal part to the bottom of the container. Once the wax has melted, add your fragrance. Remember that often a small amount goes a long way. Stir the oil in to incorporate it evenly.

After the oils have been added, let your wax cool slightly before you pour it into the container. It is best to pour over wax paper in case there are any spills. After you pour the wax, make sure your wick is centered where you want it to be for burning. Once your candle has hardened some you can add things to the top for decoration, like flour petals, oats, or lavender sprigs.

Making a summery scented candle can be a fun and easy project for you to add to your list of activities this year. Look at the world around you for inspiration for new scents and designs to try over and over again.

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