How to make your own Bar at Home

Despite the re-opening of bars across the UK, there are still a large number of people who remain cautious about returning to their local. If you’re one of the millions who misses a pint in a pub, but isn’t quite ready to face the new normal, then why not create your very own bar in the comfort of your home? Whether you opt for a beer shed for your beer garden, or you’re creating a cosy cocktail club in your garage, our step-by-step guide will have you getting into the ‘spirit’ in no time.

Plan it out

Before you go pulling down walls and putting up dart boards, think about where you want your bar to go. You’ll also need to decide whether your grand plans are financially viable or you need to rein in your budget. If you want to create the feeling of ‘going out’, a garden shed is the easiest and most cost-effective way of creating your own bar.

Photo by Edmunds Studios Photography, Inc.

Think about where in the garden it will go, and then clear a space for it. Do you want your bar to be one you can sit in, or will you have an al-fresco seating area – perhaps with a canopy and patio heaters? Clear any debris and ensure the ground is level. Check you have all the necessary tools before you begin and if possible, have someone give you a helping hand – you can always pay them with a free drink!

Build the shed

If you’re handy and have access to a merchant’s yard then building your own custom-sized bar might suit you. If not, then buying an off-the-shelf shed might have to suffice. There are plenty of styles available − all you have to do is find the size and shape you’re looking for.

Once you have everything you need you can start putting the shed together. Ensure the platform is level and secure before putting up the walls and attaching the roof.

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Fit the flooring

You’ll want to build some decking for the front of your bar to minimise mud come wetter days. Measure the area you want as an outside space and ensure there’s enough room for any seating you want to incorporate. Don’t forget to add plywood for the top of the bar counter too − 25mm plywood sheets are particularly tough, while also being smooth enough to make the perfect finish.

Added extras

To store your alcohol, you can put some shelves along the back wall. But make sure they are level using a spirit and add some brackets underneath for extra support. If you have electricity in your shed put in a mini fridge to keep your mixers, wine and beer cold.

Photo by Historic Shed

Put your personal stamp on your shed by painting it. Whether you choose a cool and contemporary colour palette or opt for more traditional pub hues, ensure the paint can be used on exterior wood.  If you’re thinking more Ibiza Hacienda than your local Dog and Duck, add fairy lights, soft furnishings, and of course oversized plants in large terracotta pots.

And finally, before the grand opening of your bar, you’ll want to create a house cocktail – quarantine anyone?

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