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How to Make Your Living Room Warm and Welcoming in Time for Spring

You can celebrate the first days of spring better by getting your home’s interior ready for the season. There are some changes that you can make to your living room that will brighten your home and make your setting more inviting. Here are a few great ways to make your living room warm and welcoming in time for spring.

Add the Right Colors

Certain colors are especially great for the spring and can be incorporated into your living room’s design to enhance the ambience. Pastel colors often work great, and these colors can be featured on sofa cushions and throw blankets. Floral prints can make your living room look like a beautiful spring garden. Mint green is another color that could work well in your living room for the spring. You can also try painting the doorframes with a light shade of pink that makes a great seasonal hue.

Photo by Schell Brothers

Think Natural

Springtime often evokes thoughts of nature when vegetation comes back to life and starts to bloom. To enhance this mood, try adding some freshly cut tulips, daffodils or other classic springtime flowers to your décor by showcasing them in vases on tabletops. Drapery that features images of strawberries or other seasonal fruits can also give your living room some natural appeal.

Photo by Andrew Snow Photography

Change Your Furniture

New furniture can be added to your living room as a seasonal touch. Wicker furniture is often a great choice for indoor settings during the spring. Rustic tables and shelves can also give your living room more springtime appeal. If you don’t want to have to buy all new furniture for the season, you can try renting it and returning the pieces when you want to redecorate.

Photo by Morr Interiors

Create a Vacation-like Setting

If you’re like many people, you probably enjoy traveling during the warmer months of the year. You can get in the vacation mood even more by transforming your living room to a setting that resembles a place that you’d expect to find on a trip. Pillows with banana leaf patterns can be displayed to turn your living room into a more tropical setting. Jute rugs and raffia chairs also work well for creating the vacation look. You can even try installing a ceiling fan to increase the vibe.

Photo by Barth Construction, Inc.

Getting ready for the spring often begins at home. If you’re clever with your décor choices, you’ll be able to turn your living room into a springtime setting that everyone will enjoy.

Author Bio

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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