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How to Maintain Your Roof to Last as Long as Possible

Regardless of whether your roof is new or old, you should ensure it is in good shape at all times. A new roof will cost you a significant sum of money depending on the materials you have chosen. After parting with a considerable sum of money for the roof installation, it is in your best interest to ensure the roof is well maintained. Below are tips on how to maintain a roof such that it will last longer:

Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters can pose some major issues, including ruining the paint on the sides. The basement will most likely be wet at all times. If there are trees close to the house, their leaves might pile up in the gutter. Water will then contribute to the leaves rotting, and they will pose a major issue.

When you fix such an issue promptly, you’ll manage to save a significant sum of money. You avoid such by ensuring you have cleaned the gutters during spring and fall. You can DIY such tasks depending on whether you’re comfortable using a ladder. If not, you can hire a professional who will charge you depending on the size of your house. Besides cleaning the gutter, you should conduct roof repairs depending on the condition of the roof.

Get Rid of Moss

In a larger part of the nation, a huge part of the roof is made of black algae. Fortunately, the growth doesn’t hurt the roof. To get rid of it, you can mix chlorine bleach with water to get rid of it. You can still leave it. Depending on your state of residence, moss might grow on your roof, specifically on the composition shingles. The moss looks similar to algae, and it needs to be eliminated since it normally traps water. If you handle such issues early enough, you can get rid of it easily by sweeping it off.

If the moss buildup is significant, you need to get rid of it first. To get rid of it effectively, you should use products that have been manufactured using potassium salts derived from fatty acids. When getting rid of the mold, there is no need to use toxic substances such as zinc sulfate. If you’re using soap to get rid of the mold, you should ensure the water being used won’t get into the storm drains.

After ensuring the roof is clean and the moss has been eradicated completely, you should acquire zinc stripes to prevent mold formation. A professional roofer will assist with installing the zinc strips close to the top of the roof. When it rains, the strips will hinder the growth of the moss. The main advantage of such a solution is that it is environmentally friendly.

As a homeowner, you should get to understand the importance of getting rid of the moss and conducting roof repair. If the roof has incurred some damage, get in touch with a reputable contractor. They’ll issue a quote and handle the repairs accordingly.

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