How To Maintain The Good Looks Of My Leather Sofa

A leather sofa can make for a great statement piece to add to any room in your home. Whether you want a comfortable sofa for your living room or a high-end sofa to have guests sit on, you are guaranteed an amazing look and feel when you get one. What many people don’t think about when getting a leather sofa, however, is how to maintain its look over time. They don’t realize that it needs constant maintenance to ensure that the leather doesn’t start to crack or that it accumulates copious amounts of dirt over the years.

Get It Professionally Cleaned

Something you can do occasionally is having your leather sofa professionally cleaned. Even if you keep up with the necessary measures to ensure that your sofa is clean, it will still get different dirt particles, including body oil, skin, pet dander, and dust to name a few. Contacting an established and professional cleaner for a leather sofa cleaning is going to give your sofa a deep clean and a much longer lifespan. Professional cleaners can also get rid of a multitude of stains without ruining your leather sofa, unlike if you try to get rid of them yourself.

Avoid Spilling

To have your leather sofa looking as good as new, try to avoid going near it with any kind of beverage or food. Some food stains are hard to remove from leather sofas. Even after removing it, there can still be some residue left in the creases of the leather. It is better to be safe than sorry so just avoid eating or drinking on the sofa in the first place, especially if the leather is lighter in color.

Wipe with A Dry Cloth

Never wipe your sofa down with a wet or damp cloth. Water can stain your leather and leave uneven patches. Always use a dry cloth to dust any leather surface you have thoroughly, but always remain gentle, so you do not create friction and wear down the leather in the process.

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Use A Vacuum When Necessary

When you want to clean those hard-to-get-to parts, your best bet is using a vacuum cleaner. You can even get an attachment made specifically to clean the creases and otherwise unreachable areas on your leather sofa.

Use Specific Cleaners

You cannot use any general cleaner to clean your sofa if you decide to take the chance of cleaning it at home. You want to find a cleaner made specifically for leather that is within budget and still does the job required. You need to carefully read the manufacturer’s notes to find out which cleaner will have your leather sofa looking good, and not eat through the leather material.

If you do not use your leather sofa daily, then it is better to have it under any type of coverage to protect it from the elements surrounding it. You also don’t have to worry about food or drinks being spilled on it because it is already protected by a layer of whatever material you choose to cover it with. A leather sofa gets dirty and loses its good looks when it is exposed to the different particles in the environment around it, keeping up with its necessary maintenance will allow you to enjoy having a leather sofa in your home for a longer time.

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